A few years ago, if you had mentioned a skin peel to me, I probably would have immediately indicated that I was not interested. However, I have been coming across this term “skin peel” quite often on social media and when I saw the results of my cousin’s skin, who had been for one, I was interested to know more.  When the opportunity arose for me to review Refined Aesthetics, I welcomed the opportunity to have a skin peel as part of my review.

I was a little nervous at first. You would think that when it came to my skin, I would have done a lot of research first but I didn’t.  I browsed the services online and had a pretty good idea of which treatment I thought I would have.  I was, however, going to leave my skin in the hands of a woman I would meet for the first time, who happens to be the owner of Refined Aesthetics, Candice.

Refined Aesthetics is situated in Springs and because I had to make a stop there for some other non-related reason, I thought that I would kill two birds with one stone by driving to Springs for my skin peel. It is a very long drive and you may call me weird but I actually do enjoy the occasional long drive, as I did in this instance.

Chemical peels are one of the most popular interventions of nonsurgical aesthetic skincare – an industry that is booming in this era.  There are various types of skin peels, which target different skin issues. I had a superficial skin peel, which is the mildest of peels and addresses minor skin concerns such as fine lines, discoloration, spots, and acne.  The salicylic acid that is used in this skin peel process, therefore, breaks down the top layer of dead skin cells and exposes the fresh skin underneath instead.

About my Skin Peel experience:

Parking – There is safe parking on the street, with a car guard.

Welcome: Candice welcomed me at reception, I was a few minutes early and I was glad that I didn’t have to wait.  She walked me to the room where I was going to have the treatment, which is situated within the building, which also has a hair salon.

Approach/Customer Service Focus – I immediately felt comfortable with Candice’s approach. She was professional, neatly attired and the room was inviting, with a beautiful scent in the air and candles burning.  The music that played in the background sounded so therapeutic.  One can easily see that Candice takes pride in ensuring that there is neatness and cleanliness, adding personal touches with decor that made the entire room look aesthetically pleasing.

I asked lots of questions, to check that my perception of what I did read, was indeed correct and to learn more details about what she was talking to me about.  She explained the entire process that would follow beforehand. She explained which treatment I would have and why that was the best option for my skin.  She also made me aware of potential risks, if any occurred.

The photos above don’t do any justice to how my skin felt after the peel. Just so you know, none of the photos have been edited, nor does it include any filters. My skin was incredibly smooth, I felt as if I wanted to touch it all the time as my skin never felt that smooth…ever!  I wondered why I had not had a skin peel done earlier.

Reactions after the skin peel

After the second day, there was a black mark on my cheek, but this is one of the risks Candice had advised me of, that may happen to my skin. After a few days, it disappeared. That was the only reaction to my skin, I didn’t experience any other reactions, fortunately so.

Care after the skin peel

Candice sent me home with a list of things to do and not to do, to take care of my skin over the next ten days. None of which affected my lifestyle. She also gave me some barrier cream and SPF to apply daily for the next 10 days, which I did.  I also avoided the sun as much as I possibly could.

Candice uses the Lamelle brand exclusively which:

·        Improves skin texture

·        Removes dead skin cells

·        Reveals healthy, glowing skin

·        Preserves youthful appearance

·        Increases moisture retention

·        Improves skin barrier function

·        Stimulates collagen and elastin

·        Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pores

·        Reduces pigmentation

·        Safe for all skin types

The verdict:

Will I be having another skin peel after this experience?

Absolutely yes! It made me look and feel radiant and this just boosts one’s confidence as it did mine.

Will I recommend Candice at Refind Aesthetics?

Absolutely yes! She is passionate about what she does and takes the time to explain the process and makes you feel at ease.  

Customer service to me is incredibly important and Candice ticked all the boxes in this regard, making me, her customer, feel at ease, valued and welcome. The overall experience I had with Candice, doesn’t make me mind driving all the way to Springs to have another skin peel or another treatment there…who knows….maybe micro needling next?

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