I recently attended a media event, hosted by Nestle South Africa.  The invitation didn’t reveal too much, I wasn’t even sure if it was relevant. I called the PR person to find out more, without letting me know the details, enough was said that piqued my interest and I can confidently say, that I am so glad I attended.

Let me share with you what happened on the day, with some photos included…

The MC for the morning was the eloquent Dr. Michael Mol, who undoubtedly kept the room full of women entertained attentively throughout. He shared with us some interesting facts and discussed and affirmed the importance of breakfast.  Chef Sizwe from Nestle was his right-hand man, who took the lead in the kitchen, naturally, where he felt in his element and dished out instructions to us all.

We were baking something…we didn’t know what at that stage. There was some nervousness and the excitement in the element of surprise, kept everyone engaged fully.

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Then….it was the big reveal……ta-da!…..introducing:

Nestle Milo Energy Cereal – Less Sugar, More Benefits

We unwrapped the box, to find the new Nestle Milo Energy Cereal – which is what we learned that we had just baked. It was such a fun experience to go through the process of how this cereal is baked in the factory.  Knowing that the new improved recipe has less sugar and more benefits, is not only peace of mind for your children who enjoy this cereal, but also for the very many adults who have grown to love and enjoy this cereal.

Whether you have it with milk, or without, you can rest assured that you are getting the healthy nutrients that your body requires at breakfast. The shape of the new improved recipe of the Milo Energy Cereal has also changed, as you may have noticed in the photos already.

Some of the Nestle staff walked us through a presentation which revealed the reasons for the new recipe, the research that was done, looking at what the consumer wants and the nutritional value, also sharing some interesting statistics.

The mere fact that all of this research was done and that Nestle is looking at the consumer needs and making the necessary adjustments to address those needs, makes me personally proud to continue to support a brand that is continuously improving and taking the necessary measures to contribute to more healthy living.

“We understand the challenges that parents face every day to ensure their kids get all the nutrients they need to get them through the day, and we know that moms and dads around the country are concerned about the amount of sugar that goes into many of the breakfast cereals currently available on the market,” explained Laila Naidoo, Cereal Partners Worldwide South Africa Business Executive Officer. “Our improved MILO® Energy Cereal not only helps kids get the nutrition they need to kick-start their day, it does so in the most natural and wholesome way possible,” added Naidoo.

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Nestlé Medical and Scientific Affairs Manager, Anne-Marie de Beer, put the recipe into relatable terms, explaining that kids were consuming the fibre of two slices whole wheat bread and the iron of 2 cups of cooked spinach with each serving of MILO® Energy Cereal. “These essential nutrients are what help make this cereal such a great way to kick-start an active child’s day,” explained de Beer.

“Nestlé is highly invested in providing the best possible nutrition for kids and adults alike,” continues Naidoo. “We place an enormous amount of value on ensuring that we do not perpetuate unhealthy eating habits, but rather offer parents as much support as possible in getting kids to eat food that is not only tasty but helps maintain a balanced diet.”

Nestle Milo Energy Cereal: FYI – Improved Recipe:

  • 27% less sugar
  • High in fibre
  • Free from artificial colourants
  • Whole grain guaranteed

The great taste of energy! The great taste of MILO Energy Cereal comes with the benefits of whole grains, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

If you would like to make your own Milo Energy Cereal at home, like we did, have a look at the recipe which was shared with us which you can view here at Being Me Jen blog.

The new MILO® Energy Cereal will be available in all major retail stores from 19 July 2018. Follow MILO® cereals on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NestleBreakfastCerealsSouthAfrica/

Website: https://www.nestle-cereals.com/za/en



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