As we enjoyed “book club” time, reading about how Nibbles blasted off to his adventure, we had our very own adventure, causing a little chaos in our lounge as Kayden uplifted scatter cushions and whatever else was lying around, in search of snacks to nibble on as we flipped through the pages. Nibbles – The Monster Hunt captured his interest immediately and let’s see why and how…

Firstly, Kayden didn’t understand what “Nibbles” meant. To contextualise the meaning of Nibbles’ name, I created a snack hunt for Kayden so that we too could “nibble” on some snacks as we read the book. This was so much of fun for Kayden and even for myself.

Each time he found a snack, it gave him special powers to find the next and this in turn allowed us to get to the next part of the book. One day he will find out that Mummy dearest also just loves when he eats his snacks and it was all not just for the fun of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whilst Kayden chased Nibbles through the book, he enjoyed the interactive flaps and the peep-holes. This tapped into his curiosity as he peeked through the holes to find out what Nibbles was up to next. With some crunching and munching of our own, we learned about the sun, moon, dogs and cats in the fascinating book of facts section of the book.

Kayden asked questions and this is always a positive as it’s building on the content in the book and each time we read it, he asks more questions as his level of understanding increases.

The World of Colour and Count with Me parts of the book had this 4 year old even more excited as the pitch of my voice adjusted to heighten his imagination – with the thought of what it must feel like to be chased by a dragon. Will Nibbles save the day!

He does make a new friend through all of this and similarly, we too have made a friend – yes, with no other than Nibbles! We can’t wait to see what he will get up to next!

The illustrations, from the colours to the textures in this book, is loaded with creativity. It makes reading fun and book club time should always be fun, because learning should be fun. So this book ticks all the boxes as it certainly tapped into Kayden’s sense of imagination in so many ways.

I also love the anagrams in the book, using Emma Yarlett, the author’s name – that’s so clever!

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