Two weekends ago, everyone’s favourite Pig was in town and of course, we could not resist taking Kayden to watch the show, which took place at Emperor’s Palace at the Theatre of Marcellus. Although we frequently visit Emperor’s Palace, we haven’t stayed over in the past. This time, we decided to have a mini break and watch the show and stay over. A “staycation” as some may call it.

We packed our bags and headed off to Emperor’s Palace, camera on my neck, like tourists…local ones. It actually felt great to be a tourist in our own town and at a place we frequently visit – you just somehow observe so much more than on the regular visits.

Peermont Metcourt Hotel

We checked in within minutes, without even asking, the polite, professional and efficient reservationist allocated us a room on the 5th floor instead of the one on the 3rd floor which was allocated to us – I usually prefer the higher floors so this was a great start.

We got to our room and got comfortable and relaxed a bit before we headed out to a quick dinner before the show. I loved the artwork in the corridors as well as in the room. Someone definitely has a love for horses, if the artwork is anything to go by. The shades and blends of colours and lighting throughout the hotel felt therapeutic.

We were in a family room – as you will see, there was no divider/courtesy panel between the beds – at just over 3 years old, this is fine for us but I wonder how that works when children are older and parents need some privacy when you don’t know for a fact that they are fast asleep… 

Dinner - Braza Emperor's Palace

We decided to eat at Braza. As usual, I enjoyed the calamari! I’m very crazy about their calamari, it’s probably my favourite although I’ve always enjoyed everything else I’ve ordered at Braza previously.  They also have Tipo Tinto R&R which believe it or not, isn’t so popular and it’s one of my favourite drinks. The service is always great and this is a place we visit more often than the many other restaurants at Emperor’s Palace.

The Show - Peppa Pig's Big Day Out

There’s just something different about a child watching a live show opposed to watching it on a digital device or on TV.  It’s the energy, the excitement and the other patrons that add to the overall experience that makes a live show worth going to and in this case, not just any live show, but Peppa Pig!

The next time Peppa Pig is in town, do not miss out.  If you’ve been following me on social media, you would have noticed that I am often at Emperor’s Palace attending shows, that’s because they bring some of the best shows to town and I love live entertainment! So now that my child gets to go to shows as well, well, that’s just a bonus! 

Here’s some pics from the show which is definitely worth going to, it’s a fantastic interactive show that’s great for the entire family. 

FLAG Restaurant and OLYMPUS SKY Bar at Peermont Metcourt Hotel

After the show, the night was still young and mum and dad felt like having a drink or two. The beautiful Olympus Sky Bar was of course off limits as it has an age restriction, so we had to settle for the FLAG Restaurant which is situated on the ground floor of the hotel.

We waited a for a while before we signaled to someone that we were not attended to, which of course isn’t great when you’re thirsty but that was then taken care of. Kayden felt a little hungry by this time, so we ordered him a kiddie’s mac and cheese. I had to ask if it really was a kiddie’s portion and yes, it indeed was – it was very huge, I am sure not all adults may have even been able to finish that portion – it was reasonably priced at R60.00! It was also one of the most delicious mac and cheese I’ve ever had.


Breakfast at FLAG Café was delightful. It restored my faith of this restaurant, after the long wait the previous night. There was a huge variety to choose from, both hot and cold. Be careful when you order an omelette – it’s gigantic, needless to say, I enjoyed it..all of it. I didn’t however enjoy the cappuccino nor the coffee – it was very watered down, fortunately the fruit juices compensated for the taste of the coffee.  

The Importance of family getaways

There’s just so much to do, one simply cannot get bored over a weekend at Emperor’s Palace. From the wide variety or restaurants, to entertainment for the entire family, all within walking distance from each other.  We often take for granted our local destinations and it’s sometimes just nice to get away, without really getting away, if you know what I mean. Fun, fun, fun at our very own doorstep…well for us, about a half hour drive from home.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to just be away – to dismiss ourselves from the norm and just escape to the East, yet it felt like we so far away. No laptops, I didn’t even check in whilst we were there – we enjoyed the moments, we bonded, it was quality family time spent together. Life gets so hectic at times and that’s why these little getaways are so important.

Although we have been away for weekends in the past, Kayden was not of an age to appreciate it and this weekend and the following, which we also didn’t spend at home, he constantly commented on how much he loved staying at a hotel.  

Watching the smile on his face as it lit up, was enough to subtly remind us that we need to do more of this as a family and we need not go far away, there are so many local places that we can visit to explore the beauty that’s right here in our vicinity. 


Would I stay at The Peermont Metcourt Hotel again? 
Yes, I would. It’s convenient. When taking a mini break away, even if it’s a short distance away from home, a family can thoroughly enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving back home late at night after a show.   Even though there is a casino, with childcare facilities, we didn’t go to the Casino. There’s just so much to do and it’s great that it’s all on the same property. What I love about the stay at this hotel, is that there is something for everyone to enjoy at Emperor’s Palace. From The Magic Company for kids, to The Barnyard Theatre and The Theatre of Marcellus, there’s always great entertainment and weekends need not be boring! 

I also loved the shower – the water pressure as well as the shower head. It may seem irrelevant, but trust me, when you’ve stayed at Hotels with bad showers, you’ll know just what I mean.  This is honestly one of the deciding factors for me personally, as to whether or not I enjoyed the hotel or not. 

The crisp white linen is another defining factor – one would think that this should be a standard – but it’s sadly not at some places and fortunately so, The Peermont Metcourt Hotel ticked these boxes.

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