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When I received this press release, of the Reeva Steenkamp Foundation Breakfast, I knew that I was going to publish it as I believe there isn’t enough awareness of abuse of women and children – I don’t think there can ever be “enough”.

So often, we read about these things in the news and almost every day there is a new story trending on social media, about another woman or child who has sadly become a victim of abuse and in many cases, the result being fatal.

Then there are the ones we don’t read about, either they don’t make the headlines or the victims remain and suffer in silence.  This does not have to be the case. There is no excuse for abuse, absolutely none at all and anyone who makes anyone believe so, is emotionally abusing them as well.

Every little effort that we all make to create awareness of abuse of women and children, will empower them and educate them to know their rights and to give them the courage to speak up and to say no to abuse – any and all sorts of abuse.

I know the feeling…

It sounds easy – when you’re not the one being abused. Trust me when I say, that it isn’t so easy when you are a victim of abuse. Many years ago, I was in an abusive relationship. I was made to believe that “it was my fault” and that “I asked for it”. I endured this for a long time and isolated myself from friends and family. I found excuses for the blue marks on my body whenever someone noticed it.

I suffered in silence and it just got worse. Each time he told me that he was sorry, I forgave him and it just happened over and over and over and over again. I wanted to be loved so much, that I believed him when he told me that he was sorry and that no one else will ever love me the way he did. Yes, I was young and naiive then and searching for love in all the wrong places. I am glad I got out of that relationship then.

Not many women get out of such relationships and we hear about it, often, when it’s much too late.  It can happen to anyone, even the most strong woman that you least expect this to happen to.

If you suspect that any woman or child is being abused, don’t ignore it.  Try to help them and if you can’t help them, seek help from someone who can.

One of the reasons I was inspired to blog, was simply to motivate those that have been hurt and/or abused.  There is light after darkness and you CAN get through it, with a little help from friends and family and even strangers – like a blogger like me, who’s been there, knows what it feels like and is proud to say she survived! You can too!

If you would like to attend the Reeva Steenkamp Foundation Breakfast, here are the details…

About the Reeva Steenkamp Foundation and Breakfast Event

The Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation will be holding an empowerment breakfast on Saturday, September 9, to raise funds and raise awareness for the organisation.

The event – which takes place at the Balalaika Protea Hotel in Maude Street, Sandown from 09h00 to 12h30 – is one of three annual breakfasts which will be held around the country. Tickets cost R250.

Guests speakers include Reeva’s mother June Steenkamp and actress Annie Malan. MC is celebrity make-up artist Gina Myers with entertainment provided by singer Tamara Dey.Tamara_Dey

A demonstration will be given by Mark Grobbelaar, a 6th Dan karate expert, who gave up his corporate job to create an organisation called Woman INPowered (WIP) which aims to empower women when faced with life-threatening situations.

The inspiration behind WIP is Alison Botha, who endorses the programme. In December 1994, Alison was abducted outside her home by two men who raped, stabbed and disembowelled her. They slashed her throat and left her for dead. Alison survived. Since then she has become a motivational speaker, author and was the subject of the acclaimed documentary film Alison, which became the first South African movie to be shown at Los Angeles’ prestigious Dances with Films film festival.

Reigning Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has done the course and credits it with helping her during an attempted hijacking earlier this year.

Reeva R Steenkamp Foundation logo

Says Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation CEO Kim Martin: “We are extremely excited to host our empowerment breakfast in Johannesburg. Guests can look forward to a fun filled morning with lots of amazing prizes, inspiring speakers and great entertainment. All proceeds raised go to empowering and educating against abuse. We have been in operation for just over a year now and could not have done it without the generosity of the others.”

Breakfast and bubbly are included in the cost and each guest will receive a goody bag.

To book for the event send an email to Att: Ruth at admin@reevasteenkampfoundation.org

Go to:
• Website: www.facebook.com/reevarebeccasteenkampfoundation


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  1. Abuse is a never ending issue. The more we bring up this issue, the more awareness we create.

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