I have always wanted a home cinema…and still do. Alas, that dream has not yet been realised. But I have not given up yet. So, when the opportunity arose for me to try out and review the Acer V9800 4K UHD DLP projector, I jumped at the opportunity.

DLP projectors offering 4K is a fairly new development. Epson and JVC have previously offered 4K DLP solutions, but those are not native 4K. But I won’t bore you with those technicalities here, except to say the some very smart software is used to produce the 4K image. Sony has in reality been the only real player in this market, with UHD SXRD models.

Let me start off by saying that the Acer V9800 is a “beast”, measuring 563x471x216mm and weighing a whopping 15kg. So, this is not for the faint hearted. Taking that into consideration, I’d say it is meant for a permanent installation. As this was only a review, I had to improvise with the projector set-up.

The glossy black finish and rounded edges are quite pleasant, with all the controls and interfaces mounted on the side in a recessed panel, which allows for efficient routing of cables for ceiling mounts. There are two HDMI ports (1x HDMI 2.0 compliant), 12V trigger, RS232, RJ45 LAN interface and USB interface. Two lens shift control knobs can be found on the top plate.

We had the V9800 set up about 4m away from the projection surface, and that delivered an impressive 100inch or so image.

Acer V9800 a - PeanutGallery247

The V9800 is slightly noisy at start up, but very quiet once it’s up and running. The initial setup is quick and easy to use, with all the controls on the remote. There’s sufficient settings to cater for varying environments.

The only gripe I have is with the zoom and focus rings being manual. However, since this beast is meant for permanent installations, one could get away with that. But for the price (£ 3999.95), an automatic system would have been so much nicer. Hopefully this does get implemented in later models. Oh, and the plug to cover the lens when not in use is not the most elegant solution either.

Acer V9800 b - PeanutGallery247

Once set-up, we had it connected to an Apple TV and the result was astounding! The clarity and detail of UHD videos streamed from Netflix and YouTube was simply amazing.

For a home cinematic experience, it does not get any better than the V9800. And the V9800 will probably command a hefty price tag here in South Africa, but if you have or plan to have a cinema in your home, then the cost of the V9800 suddenly makes much more sense, and the decision is easy…if you can afford it.

Acer V9800 c - PeanutGallery247

It was such a delight to experience the cinematic effect at home, even if it was just for review purposes, now it makes me want a permanent setup even more!

Images credit: www.acer.com

For more information and specifications on the Acer V9800 Projector, click here.


5 Replies to “REVIEW: ACER V9800 Projector”

  1. ACER V9800 Projector a great product by Acer having the great image quality, the projector lens specification is also quite good, if we talk about the technical configuration it has the best at a affordable price that we can get. Just give a try to the product & get the best working experience.

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  3. What more do you need? Size, effects and quality. That says it all for the Acer V9800.

  4. Glad that you enjoyed the cinematic effects of the Acer 9800. It is monstrous.

    1. I was actually surprised when I received it – I didn’t expect it to be so huge when I did some research online prior. But…with that being said…with the quality of the screening…size doesn’t matter lol

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