I am so annoyed, it’s flippin’ frustrating!

Why? You may be wondering. Well…it’s this Fantastic Gymnastics game that was sent to me, courtesy of Hasbro. It’s frustrating for more than one reason:

My first attempt sucked!

I tried it and had my first attempt recorded for my YouTube video, which you will see, totally sucks! Yes, I just said that cos that’s how useless my first attempt was. I wanted you to experience the “real” reaction so I chose for this to remain in my video…just so that you can have a giggle at my expense.

My husband got it…instantly!

Secondly, my hubby who isn’t the one who usually plays board games, had a go and guess what, it came to him naturally, he was “flippin” good! Yeah…he got the gymnast figure to flip at his first attempt and every other attempt, it seemed as if it came to him naturally. What amazing dexterity and what was wrong with mine…? I conjectured.

Fantastic Gymnastics is addictive

I left this game on our dining room table and over the weekend, almost each time that I passed it, I attempted to land the figure on the centre of the launch pad. Nope, no luck. I did get him to flip but I still can’t figure out how or when to release him so that he lands in the middle to make 100 points.

So, do you get why I feel frustrated? I’m not going to let it go until I get this gymnast figure to land in the middle…on the green section of the landing pad, to earn 100 points.

Fantastic Gymnastics Tristin - PeanutGallery247
This is my husband’s nephew Tristin – he gives it a Thumbs up and is eagerly waiting to challenge his friends after exams are over!

Why I recommend Fantastic Gymnastics

On that note, I must say that the kid in me loves this game! I love that it gets you and the family to enjoy an actual game together. When I say together, I mean together, as in everyone physically and mentally present. As much as I think of myself as an unconventional woman, I do enjoy the conventional board games as it encourages and builds trust as well as camaraderie. The interpersonal skills and interaction that is derived from a board game, cannot be compared to the satisfaction of playing with technological games, in my opinon.

In this day and age, we are so taken aback with technology, that we forget the simple little pleasures in life that bring so much of joy. Spending time with each other as a family, opposed to each being on their mobile phones, seems to be a luxury to some these days. For this very reason, I encourage board games as they strengthen social and family bonds, in more than one way.

Fantastic Gymnastics - PeanutGallery247

Fantastic Gymnastics will be a great bar game

In an attempt to get the gymnast land on his feet, I pressed that red button hard and each time I did so, my entire body reacted! My husband was quite amused at my excitement and tenacity to accomplish this mission. We had some family visiting and we got them to test the game as well, for them too, it wasn’t as easy at first. They did agree with my idea; that this would make a great bar game! Oh, and we will try this!

Constructive Feedback:

The game chart can only be used once, so I would recommend using an alternate option to record scores. Maybe a wipeable board?

Power on indicator: Once the batteries are correctly inserted, to have some sort of indication that it is on.

Gymnast figure: Is currently male – either have an option of a female figure or include both

The game moves too much whilst playing, even though there is a little rubber underneath. I would suggest looking at something to make it more stable. However, with that being said, it didn’t hinder the game in any way.

CONCLUSION: It’s flippin’ good – literally

Young or old, a game that will entertain all

Yes, it will. I don’t just see it being for kids over 8 – I think adults can have lots of fun with this as a bar game. Just make sure that if you’re supplying the drinks, you have enough for those who are not going to get the gymnast landing where he should. I am sure you can use your imagination to think of other ways to reward those who do get him to land on the green section. Be prepared, there will be banging on the tables and loud screams.

So, children over 8 years old, teenagers and adults – this game gets my thumbs up because it can keep you entertained for hours with loads of laughter and fun! It encourages you to be “present” and to physically and mentally engage with each other, bridging that gap which we have allowed technology to create.

If you fancy yourself a budding gymnast then Fantastic Gymnastics is the perfect game to hone your skill. Players time their speed and rhythm to gain momentum to flip the gymnast figure around the high bar. At the right moment, hit the release button to let him fly, and try to stick the perfect landing. Get him to land on the mat on his feet for the win. Play solo, head-to-head, or challenge friends to a tournament. The step-by-step instruction sheet features tips for getting the perfect 100-point score. Get into the swing of things with this compelling and fun game, ideal for ages eight and up.

Watch the Fantastic Gymnastics demo video here – #HasbroFantasticGymnastics

Fantastic Gymnastics - PeanutGallery247

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