If you like the idea of being whisked away on a romantic getaway, then the Forum Homini Hotel should be on your list of places to visit. Nestled in the Kromdraai area, on the Letamo Game Estate. Although Forum Homini is in close proximity (approximately 30min drive from Johannesburg) to major city centres, it is so secluded that you instantly get a feeling of being “out in nature”. The environment and surroundings immediately creates an aura of peace and tranquillity and the stress of our daily lives subsides…even if just for a day or so! From the time you walk into reception, you realise that tremendous time and effort has been spent on creating such a unique atmosphere! It’s the perfect escape when you need some alone time, or as we called it, “Mummy and Daddy” time.

Forum Homini Hote & Roots Restaurant - Peanut Gallery 24/7

The Standard Suite – Forum Homini Hotel

Forum Homini Hotel Standard Suite
Forum Homini Hotel Standard Suite

The suites are positioned in such a way, that you can barely see them, they’re tucked away from sight. The stalactite lights in the suite made it feel more cave-like, a very luxurious cave in this instance, with attention to detail. E.g. There was an adult colouring book and colour pencils. We only spent 1 night there, so there was no time for colouring. I was chuffed at the idea of it being there though!

The inviting bath comfortably accommodates 2 people. With superior bath salts that were provided and the light from the “fire”, the perfect mood was set. There was a gas heater that looked like a fireplace, which added a nice touch to the suite and was needed to warm up the room when we arrived. I have somehow always loved a bed that has curtains, no idea why, but I do enjoy it. Just something about it that has a certain appeal to me. The shower ceiling is made of glass, so you have a beautiful view of the sky above. The entire shower has an outside effect, with glass doors leading to the lawn. Feels like you’re having a luxurious shower out in nature…just outside your cave. It is a very spacious double shower.

Forum Homini Hotel

For those of you who would prefer quiet time in the suite, there is a fully stocked mini bar and a room service option, with a wide variety of meal options to cater for you. Being out in nature, you wouldn’t typically need to have internet access, but you will be glad to know that there is free wi-fi available, even if the suites. Maybe you want to share some photos on social media or update your status – in this world that we live in, sometimes it’s hard to believe you were at a place unless you check in online! (yeah, I’m guilty of this, I love checking in!)

Sitting on the patio, sipping on some sundowners, with the gorgeous view of the lake and pool, you can’t help but to want to capture the scenic beauty on camera.

Fine Dining – Roots Restaurant

A few hours after check-in, we head on over to The Roots Restaurant for a fine dining experience.

By this time, the temperature had dropped, so we had put on some warmer clothes and sat in the lounge area for a few minutes. It was very warm and cosy in there, with the heaters on and the lovely choice of décor.

The fine-dining experience set a romantic tone for the rest of the night. It began at 19h00 and ended at 22h00. There is so much of thought that goes into setting up the ambience for fine-dining. From the lighting, to the décor and of course the carefully selected menu, all of this and more to create that perfect experience. I can’t help but comment on the choice of glassware that the hot beverages were served in, I was in love with them! Simple, clear, spotless and elegant at the same time. I went shopping this weekend and looked to see where I could buy some, but no luck as yet.

The service received by the waiter is unparalleled to that you will get during casual dining. There is an unsurpassed level of sophistication in the manner in which you are waited on, from the moment you are seated, in the way he pulls the chair out for you to the way he places the napkin on your lap. You’d normally take these things for granted, but if you pay more attention to it, you can tell that there was lots of training done to achieve such professionalism. Unsurprisingly, our waiter, Lucky, had excellent knowledge of the menu, without any notes, despite it being a new menu. He seamlessly changed our cutlery after each course.

There was a burst of flavours and tastes with each course. Each taste magnificently paired with the right textures and flavours that awoken your taste buds to unique indulgences you didn’t know existed. The superb selection of wine pairing complemented each course perfectly! The conversation, eye contact and mood that was set, was nothing short of romance. This wasn’t just dinner; it was an exquisite experience.

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The 6-course meal was well presented. These photos are perhaps not Instagram material, but trust me, the presentation of each course was like food porn! I’m not a veggie lover and neither is my husband, but the veggies were so fresh, that it brightened up each bite. You could tell that excellent care went into selecting the cream of the crop. The way that it was combined, made us both eat our veggies and enjoy them too. For me personally, if something doesn’t look visually appealing, I will not eat it.

6 course meal! If you’re thinking that’s a lot – no, it wasn’t. The portions are perfect, enough to satisfy you and yet not leave you feeling bloated. Now that our fine-dining experience had come to an end, we made our way back to our suite.

The next morning, we indulged in a 2-hour breakfast, which was 5 course. We sat outside, overlooking the lake, with the sun shining on us. Breakfast was far from the usual bacon and eggs, again, the menu was unique. I don’t normally have fish for breakfast, but of the 5-course breakfast, the fish was my favourite on the menu. All good things must come to an end; it was now time to check out and get back to reality.

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Need More Convincing?

Forum Homini Hotel - Sunset

Any relationship or marriage deserves pleasures every so often to ensure that it will continuously Blossom . It is great to try out new things and new experiences as this is how you learn more about each other, no matter how young or old you are. A place and the ambience can be very influential to one’s mood, Forum Homini Hotel and Roots Restaurant undoubtedly enhances the mood of an adult getaway. With excellent service from the time of booking to the time you leave, you will be treated professionally and personally, making your entire experience a delightful one. With only 14 suites on the property, each guest is made to feel very special. If you want a luxury romantic escape, this is an experience you should try. It’s different- tastefully so.

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Forum Homini & Roots Restaurant details:


Telephone: +27 (11) 668 7000

Twitter handle: @forumhomini

Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/ForumHomini

Physical address:
Letamo Game Estate, Kromdraai, R540 (Off N14), Mogale City, Gauteng, 1732

Coordinates via Letamo Game Estate:
S 026º 01’33.79″ E 027º 45’58.58″
Latitude -26.026052, Longitude 27.766271

Disclaimer: I was hosted for this stay and my views expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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  1. Extraordinary!!! Well written review! very inviting👌🏾Anticipating my next trip to SA and most definitely will spend a few nights here! Perfect romantic getaway from the harsh Canadian winters!

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