I must admit that I am a fan of all things Mexican……and Tequila is near the top of that list. So, when the opportunity to sample Sierra Tequila Liqueur was presented to me, I had absolutely no hesitation whatsoever. I opted for the Sierra Spiced flavour.  Fortunately for me, I know a group of people who would be more than willing to help me thoroughly review the product…Tequila is so much more fun when indulged with by a group of people.

Outside of Mexico, Tequila is best enjoyed with salt and lime and as recently discovered, pineapple as well. I was a little apprehensive, but substituting lime with pineapple really does work. And that’s a personal preference…there’s no right or wrong. I personally also enjoy oranges occasionally instead of lime/lemons with Tequila.

Let me start off by saying that the Sierra Tequila Liqueur bottle that comes with a sombrero bottle cap! Does it get any more authentic than that!

Sierra Tequila - PeanutGallery247Turns1

That sombrero does take you back to the good old western movies…..conjuring up images of mariachis. And no, I’m not referring to Ned, Dusty and Lucky in the “The Three Amigos”.

Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur is a limited-edition blend of reposado Tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours, resulting in a delicious spicy citrus flavour. Being a reposado tequila, it is aged in oak barrels/casks, and which results in richer and more complex flavours. It is less intense in flavour than the traditional “blanco” or “joven” variant. Sierra Tequila Reposado is matured for nine months to give it its unique taste and rich golden colour.

Sierra Tequila - PeanutGallery247Turns1

Despite popular culture, Tequila is all about aromatics if you really want to appreciate it. So put your shot glasses away! Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur is best enjoyed straight up. Add some ice, shaken or stirred….and sip away slowly to really savour the aroma and taste. Add some bar snacks or even some delicious South African biltong as an accompaniment.

Sierra Tequila - PeanutGallery247Turns1

Of course , Tequila can also be used to enhance the flavour of a variety of cocktails. And if you’re a fan of cocktails…..as I am (understatement), I do recommend using Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur in a Classic Margarita. Forget the sugar laden and diluted flavour of a frozen Margarita!

The Classic Margarita is traditionally made using Cointreau (orange flavoured liqueur). Since Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur already contains the orange flavour, it is the perfect base ingredient for the Classic Margarita.

Tequila Sunrise (one of my favourites!), Bloody Maria (I’m not fan, but I suspect some of my readers may be), Paloma!

There are numerous recipes for tequila based cocktails out there……you are only limited by your imagination. I have found the mobile apps for cocktails very useful when I am in the mood to try something new, as they offer an abundance of information at your fingertips. My personal favourite is DrinksFree on iOS.

Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur is unique and which has a distinct flavour. It is a welcome addition to the Sierra Tequila line-up and a great alternative to the traditional tequila brands we are used to in South Africa.

Sierra Tequila - PeanutGallery247Turns1

So if you love the taste of tequila, but prefer a smoother relaxed drinking experience, Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur is definitely for you! It is extremely robust and versatile in its uses, and best enjoyed in the company of good friends.

That being said, after enjoying it for the purpose of the review this weekend, my Amigos and I give it the thumbs up – or should I say bottoms up!

Cheers Amigos!

Let’s drink to that and celebrate Peanut Gallery 247 Turning 1 this month!

1 lucky reader stands the chance to win:

1 Bottle Sierra Spiced & 

1 Bottle Sierra Cafe

Sierra Tequila - PeanutGalleryTurns1

SIERRA Café fuses the elemental forces of handcrafted SIERRA Tequila Blanco and Mexican coffee and crowns them with high-quality vanilla. Blue agave plants from the highlands, volcanic soil, double distillation in copper kettles and the knowledge of three generations of the same Mexican family preserve the fruity tequila taste while the full-bodied coffee and smooth vanilla turn this drink into a real highlight for the taste buds – pure, with fresh milk or mixed.

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, as always, my honest opinions remain my own.

32 Replies to “Review & Giveaway: Sierra Tequila”

  1. I’d love one of these Sierra Tequilas now as a hot shot, a few hot shots!

    This had to be the crappiest of crappiest Mondays ever



  2. I 😍 it neat, I enjoy sipping it rather than having it with salt & lemon. Enjoy the way it’s a nice winter drink that warms one from the inside out. Also enjoy cooking with it to enhance flavours of red meat & sauces. Enjoy how people try to pinpoint that unique taste tequila brings to a meal.
    Fingers crossed.

  3. As a shooter with a slice if lemon for after… its been a while since I’ve had a nice tequila. Would love to try this 🙂

  4. So I have two favorite ways of drinking tequila – one for summer and one for winter!

    Summer: Tequila Gold with a dash of green Tabasco and a slice of pineapple dipped in salt.
    Winter: Tequila Gold with a glazed cherry in the glass and a dash of red Tabasco

    Congrats on the 1 year mark! Hope there will be many more 😉

  5. I love drinking my tequila with lemonade and a splash of lime juice…it brings out the fine Mexican flavours of the tequila.

  6. There as endless possibilities when it comes to tequila. I have tried a lot of them! Regular tequila I enjoy most in the traditional way with a slice of lemon and salt. The way I have come to enjoy Sierra Spiced is with ginger ale and ice.

  7. My favourite!!! Recently tasted a few different flavours at a Mexican Restuarant, OMW, The Mango and Strawberry flavour is amazing!!!

  8. Tequila is my absolute favorite, love it as a shooter with salt and lime. Best shared with great company and no cameras around lol

  9. I LOVE TEQUILA nom nom nom 😋 in any form, whether it’s a delicious cocktail 🍹 which I usually have with my lady friends or as a hot shot 🥃 with or without lime which I usually have with my hubby and his friends

  10. My hubby & I enjoy our tequila with a slice of lime and a dash of salt …cheers ..sharing on twitter & FB

  11. My hubby & I enjoy tequila with a slice of lime & a dash of salt..cheeers …. #PeanutGallery247Turns1 #SierraTequila – sharing on FB & Twitter

  12. I recently had tequila with Pineapple and Tabasco. Not bad. I’m usually the one who has it straight with Salt and Lemon. Sometime in cocktails it loses its flavour just depends on how it’s made.

  13. I love to drink my tequila with Cinnamon and Orange! I was apprehensive at first because it’s to different from Lime and Salt but it was surprisingly nice! You substitute the Salt with Cinnamon and the Lime with Orange. Its like a spicy, fruity, desert shot!

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