In the age of smartphones and especially ones with high resolution cameras, an exponential increase in personal photos and albums is a reality, and very soon you forget about many of the glorious moments you captured.

Unless you are regularly transferring your photos to a PC, spending time editing and printing……many of these photos tend to go unnoticed, until the day you decide to browse your camera roll and find those gems.

So how do we deal with this? Print them immediately! And what better way to do that than with a mini printer that you can effortlessly carry around in your handbag or Bro sack. And here is the Instax Mini Link Printer! I also like the fact that the design is gender neutral.

The simplicity and ergonomics of the design is perfect, understated but packed with features. Choose between three colours: Dark Denim, Ash White or Dusky Pink! There is also a limited edition Beige Gold if that tickles your fancy. With just one button and a built-in motion sensor, that’s make it a very easy smartphone printer to use.

Using just Bluetooth you can print photos, collages or even a video frame from your camera roll onto 2.4 x 1.8 inch Instax Mini Film.  A few seconds later (12 sec to be precise) and your print is ready.

The printer is coupled with the Instax mini Link app (Android: or iOS which is a simple app but rich in features. Connection between your smartphone and the mini Link is quick and painless, no barcodes to scan, no passwords, no hassles. How refreshing!

Navigation is easy and intuitive and there are some neat little tricks too, check out the Fun Mode option on the app. Just be careful of which friends you invite to the Party Print as you don’t have an option to preview the print before it’s printed! But that’s what all the fun is about, right!

There are some basic editing tools included, for brightness, contract, saturation as well as some simple filters (black/white, sepia and auto adjustment) as well as a crop/zoom tool. All of these are easy to use and you are ready to print after a few taps.

On the top of the screen on the app, there is an indicator of the remaining shots left on your film pack and you will also be able to see how much of battery life is left. Don’t forget to switch off the power button when not in use to preserve the battery life.

And if a few taps are too much for you, the Instax Mini Link can be placed in different positions to change the app interface. Tilt it to zoom into your picture, flip it to change modes.

The Instax Mini Link is a perfect companion for your smartphone to create quick and simple photo-books or projects. Print a set of photos……let your imagination and creativity run wild. It also makes such a nice gift for the gadget lover. It’s very trendy and so easy to use. It has a USB port on the side for charging and can be used whilst being charged.

For the creatives, you could use some craft pegs – those very tiny ones, you also get them in colour – just peg a few of those on a string on a photo frame to make a unique and special gift. Or forget the frame and just peg them onto a string onto a wall.

The Instax Mini Link makes is easy to print those moments which were captured in the spur of the moment, within a few seconds – it’s fun, it’s trendy and it serves as a keepsake.

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