This year, the iconic Cabbage Patch Kids, which has been around since 1978, introduced Little Sprouts, which are miniature kids, babies and pets. There are 120 different characters to collect.  There isn’t any doubt that little girls all over the world love to play with and own them.  It’s sought after by them as they enjoying playing house and all sorts of other imaginative games.

There are various packs that you may buy to collect them all and here’s what each includes:

Single Packs (very cute enclosed green cabbages)

  • 1 kid/baby
  • 1 pet

Four Pack Set

  • 1 kid
  • 1 baby
  • 1 pet
  • 1 mystery accessory

Eight Pack Set

(this is what was sent to me by Prima Toys, pictured below.)

  • 2 kids
  • 2 babies
  • 1 mystery pet
  • 3 accessories

Little Sprouts 8 Pack - PeanutGallery247.png    Little Sprouts 8 Pack back - PeanutGallery247  

Little Sprouts Vet Centre

Click here for more details.

As these are miniatures, they are naturally extremely small which means that it is not recommended for children under 4 years of age. Some of the accessories are half the size of the kids and babies, so do ensure that children under 4 years of age do not have access to these toys as they can be easily swallowed.

The quality is excellent, it is not flimsy. Each of the ones in the pack I received, with the exception of the pet, come apart. They are all able to sit or stand.

Here’s who was in the pack:

Little Sprouts Hunter Adams - PeanutGallery247
Hunter Adams

Little Sprouts Brooke Jade - PeanutGallery247
Brook Jade

Little Sprouts Cian Fitzgerald - PeanutGallery247
Cian Fitzgerald

Little Sprouts Eva Ryanne - PeanutGallery247
Eva Ryanne

Little Sprouts Ultra Rare Precious - PeanutGallery247
Ultra Rare Precious


Little Sprouts pack a - PeanutGallery247

Final Verdict:

If I had a daughter, would I buy her these? Yes, I would. I think they’re cute and stimulate imaginative play. I think the fact that they’re so tiny is what makes them appealing.  All Little Sprouts have two names.  If you’re looking for something to buy for a girl child over the age of four years old, I would definitely suggest Little Sprouts. Be sure to get them a Little Sprouts play area as well, like the Little Sprouts Vet Center Play Set as an example – there are other options depending on country and store availability. You’re going to be the favourite aunt or uncle if you add this to your Christmas Shopping list.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review

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