I love the mere thought of lying back and having someone do my feet. Yes, I am referring to a pedicure. One that is done so well that you fall asleep for most of that hour.

This is just one of the reasons I’ve become a loyal customer of Sorbet Blue Hills.

I’m not sure about you, but after a very tiring day at work, I find a pedicure to be so relaxing and also rejuvenating. I’ve have been to many spas and beauty salons, all different in its own way, some near home, some quite a drive away. When I first learned that there was a Sorbet opening at the Blue Hills shopping mall, I was excited as this was very close to home. Always getting stuck in traffic and having so little time over the weekend to get stuff done, I thought this was very convenient as I wouldn’t have to drive far from home should I wish to have a treatment done.

I’m usually very expressive about the service I receive – I will raise the issue if there are any and if I receive excellent service, I will also give credit where due.

That being said, I would like to say that ever since Sorbet Blue Hills opened, I became a returning customer. With my hectic life, that was a blessing as I wasn’t about to embark on another mission to find a spa or beauty salon that I felt comfortable at. Being a working mum, I do need such convenience in my life.

Here are some reasons why I have become a loyal customer of Sorbet Blue Hills:

  • It’s always neat and clean
  • You are offered tea/coffee/water/juice
  • The staff are friendly with smiles – you can see that customer service is important to them
  • The staff are neatly attired
  • Parking is convenient – don’t have to walk a distance
  • I can get my shopping done before or after a treatment
  • I once was unhappy with a treatment and the manager and owner was very open to the feedback and handled it very professionally
  • They always have the latest colour nail polish as well as the classic favourites
  • The nail polish is long lasting, doesn’t come off after a few days
  • The therapist that does my pedicure gives an awesome foot massage – her name is Abegail
  • Location is not just convenient because it’s near to home but also because it’s not a very busy or overcrowded mall
  • The comfortable reclining chairs – nope, believe it or not, this is not standard as some beauty salons

We all need to be pampered. It’s good for our wellbeing in every way. Even if you’re just sitting in Cusp the of middle age and feel you need to give yourself a treat, then do so, no questions asked.  If you live in the Midrand area, why not give Sorbet Blue Hills a try?

(Contact details below, which I grabbed from a Google search.)

Whilst I only shared feedback about pedicures, please do take note that they do offer a variety of other treatments and products.

Come on…make that appointment, you deserve some pampering, so spoil yourself 🙂

Sorbet Blue Hills
Sorbet Blue Hills Contact Details

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