If you’re looking for some family entertainment, The Great Moscow Circus is definitely something not to be missed. I must admit, I underestimated how good it would be, so was pleasantly surprised.

As we walked toward the entrance of the Big Top Tent at Monte Casino to the Circus, I felt the nostalgic innocence of childhood, triggered by the smell of popcorn and candyfloss which reminded me of visits to the circus back when I was a child.

It was an extremely hot day and I was expecting (sadly so) that it was going to be even more hot inside the tent. As we had to wait a few minutes to enter the tent, we got some refreshments and I took advantage of the moment to get a selfie or two with my baby, after all, this was his first visit to the Circus, even though I knew he wouldn’t remember it later on in life, it was still a very special event. He loves lights and I imagined that he was going to be fascinated with the lights from the performances.A few minutes later we saw some people enter so we too headed inside the tent. Strollers were not allowed, so I carefully carried my baby in my arms as we tried to locate our seats. The staff directed us to our seats, which was 3 rows from the ring. I expected the tent to be much bigger, so upon booking our tickets, we got the most expensive seats. If you decide to visit, you will have a good view from the back of the tent as well, so if you’re on a tight budget, hopefully this helps 😉

We made ourselves comfortable and anticipated the show to begin.

Feeling a little sceptical that the ring was smaller than I expected, I hoped that the performances were going to be great.

I can gladly say that I was impressed! I could hear myself saying “wow” many times, looking at my husband, expressions of shock and questioning eyebrows, wondering, “how did they do that?”

I had been mistaken about it being hot in the tent – much to our relief, the tent was airconditioned, yay!

My baby was intrigued with the lights on the tent so he looked up for a long while until we tried to get his attention to the ring. He then watched, probably wondering what was all this noise and lights about and what are those people doing jumping up and down. The bright colours caught his attention and my husband and I smiled at each other just watching him watch the performances. Halfway through the show, his tired little eyes couldn’t keep awake anymore, after all, he is just over 5 months old.

The Quick Change Transformation” act had me boggled then…actually I still am…! This was the changing of costumes within seconds right before your very own eyes. You could literally turn your head in another direction and when you look back, you’d see a costume change. How do they do this? I have no idea but it was astonishing!

The other act that got me sitting at the edge of my seat was “The Double Wheel” – this was actually two double wheels with 4 acrobats doing their thing on the inside and yes…the outside of these wheels. Such incredible talent, practice, skill and concentration all put together to allow such a synchronised act with these wheels moving at such a fast rate, making your heart beat faster as you feared any one of the acrobats falling…but they didn’t! At the end, you can’t help but sigh of relief in amazement.

My favourite act…and of course…they saved the best for last…was “The Globe of Death”. This act began with just one motorbike, then two, then three, then four and believe it or not…there was six! This video doesn’t do justice.  This was truly nail biting. These motorbikes moved with great speed within this steel globe. It was adrenalin pumping!

As we walked out after the circus, I noticed an ambulance parked outside the tent on standby and I can totally understand why, by looking at the risk involved, not just in this act but the others as well.

I was also very happy that all of these acts were performed by humans and absolutely no animals were used!

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