The lights were dimmed, almost dark, with small electric lights mimicking candles. I locked the door behind me as I inhaled the therapeutic scent in the room. I enjoyed the flicker of the lights as I disrobed, ready to step into the floatation pool. It was just me, myself and I.  On an extremely cold winter’s day, my feet first stepped into water that was the perfect temperature. Mimetic of the Dead Sea effect, with a high concentration of salt, it wasn’t easy to sit still, as my body was effortlessly uplifted into floatation mode. This was my first experience ever of floatation hydrotherapy and it was at the Revive Wellness Spa.

The calming music accompanied by the sound of the water and the candlelight effect, created a tranquil and healing aura, making me look forward to the rest of my relaxation journey for the day.  It set the tone.

I just floated and floated, mostly on my back but on my tummy too.  Although I can float very well in a normal swimming pool or the calm ocean, this was nothing like either. This felt like someone kept a secret haven away from me, in this city of gold. This was a gem of another kind; The Revive Wellness Spa, that I’m so glad to have experienced.

Here’s how I got to unwind at Revive Wellness Spa:

Firstly, don’t let its location fool you. Once your car is securely parked on the premises, giving you peace of mind to go ahead and enjoy your time at the Spa, you enter the building – (yes, it’s one whole building with three floors and they’re busy renovating to add more facilities) and all that comes to mind is wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Check out my short video on my Instagram IGTV – where I uploaded a recording of some of what you can see on the first floor, just so that you can have a sneak peek…and that isn’t even the best part.

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It’s no exaggeration, I was wowed and as I write this post, I’m still wowed.  Truth be told, if I ever had to own a spa, this spa epitomises what my idea of a spa should be. With every little personal touch, you can see and be amazed by the passion that this spa has been designed with. By the way, in case you were wondering, that is real moss you see in the photos.

I haven’t met the owner, but I can tell from the décor to the facilities to every single detail, that boundaries of sheer luxury and indulgence have been pushed, it’s not like any other spa I’ve been to. It’s world class.  It is truly not at all just what you wished for a spa to be but so much more.

Before I lose focus any further, let me continue to share my experience of that day, which I promised to share with you…

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My next treatment was a full body soy candle massage – this was also the first time I experienced a soy candle massage. Don’t laugh… I must share that whenever I thought of any type of a candle massage…I pictured hot candle wax and associated it with some pain and torture – yes – I’m sure you know which movie scenes these stemmed from.

No…this was not like any of those. This was soothing, it was oh so smooth and heavenly! I requested a medium pressure massage and Melissa knew exactly what she was doing which made it a rejuvenating massage of note! I felt as if all my senses were reawakened.

Most times I went to a spa in the past, after a few hours of pampering and feeling great, I used to walk out with wet and/or greasy hair. At Revive Wellness Spa, you can walk out feeling and looking great! After all, the two should go hand in hand, right?

Well, after that sensational soy candle massage, I was accompanied to the to the Blow Bar and was left in the capable hands of Megan. I’m usually not very easy to please when it comes to a blow wave, so I was a little reluctant that someone new was going to be doing my hair. The result left me feeling at ease, confident enough to say that I will go to Megan for a blow-wave again.

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After my blow wave, I took a walk around, to view the rest of the facilities. I’m not going to tell you what they all are but trust me when I say there’s lots more! From a Rasul Chamber to a Hydro Pool, to a gym where you can have personalised training.  There is also Bodytec Fitness Training.  You will also find a punching bag and boxing ring. That caught my attention! Let’s just say you’re frustrated and need to let off some steam…imagine starting your day off with that punching bag! I’d so do that before my massages and other treatments.

I was in awe of the nail stations as well. They are spacious and luxurious. From the remote-controlled massaging pedicure chairs to the brands used for nails, you will be spoilt for choice by the variety.

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They even do Aesthetics such as micro needling and permanent makeup –   There’s so much more I want to share but why do that when you can go and experience it for yourself. If this review of mine hasn’t answered some questions on your mind, have a look at their website for all the details of services, products, and facilities.

Revive Wellness Spa Day Special

With all that I’ve shared, you probably think it will cost a fortune. How does R1100 for the following sound?

  • Flotation Pool
  • Full Body Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Manicure/Pedicure

*Free use of all Spa facilities

For the month of July, you can spoil yourself or someone for all of the above listed for just R1100!

Don’t forget to take a book to read or some sunblock, they have gorgeous sunbeds that will tempt you to stay a while longer…much, much longer. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get to read that book and fall asleep after the pampering.  After all, it’s your day out to be pampered.

Revive Wellness Spa has pampering for everyone to enjoy

Gents are also welcome, there was two present on the day that I was there. Couples are also welcome. Don’t feel any mum or dad guilt – the great news is that Kids Spaty Venu is opening soon!  Here’s what your kids can enjoy;

  • Kids Heated Hydro Pool/Jacuzzi
  • Party Rooms
  • Milkshake Bar
  • Lunch Bar
  • Colour Therapy Man + Pedi Bar
  • Colour Therapy Massage + Facial
  • Rooms
  • Hair Salon
  • Outdoor Jungle Gyms

Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? It IS true! You can do all this and more all in one place, no more having to drive between this and that treatment and waste time in traffic.  Revive Wellness Spa is a “one-stop shop” offering you a huge variety of treatments in one venue.

My photos don’t do justice to this spa, you’ve got to go and experience it for yourself and once you have, I would love to know what you thought of it in the comments below. Or if you’ve already been, do share your thoughts too.

Don’t delay, take advantage of the July special, contact Revive Wellness Spa and be blown away;

Contact: 011-8872123 or 087 353 2500

Address: Corner Athol & Ranjeslaagte, Highlands North


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  1. I need to go check this out soon! Looks amazing and I love the idea of the kids entertainment, as I’m always stuck with what to do with the kids…

    1. I have to admit, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed myself there….I did feel a little guilt about my child being at home but then I was so excited to learn that they have all that on store for kids 😀 it IS indeed amazing!

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