I always believe in giving credit where due and for that very reason, I want to share this experience with you as I believe that many of my readers have probably experienced car trouble at some point or the other…or will require routine maintenance or modifications.  You will know that it can be a very costly affair, depending on what the problem is.

When you don’t have knowledge of cars and their parts and general operation, it makes it even worse as you become an easy target for someone to manipulate. I somehow find that because I am a woman, it’s assumed that I don’t know anything about cars. I know a little….perhaps even more than some men do. Quite honestly, I used to know more before I met my husband…now I just depend on him to sort out any car related issues.

Perhaps I don’t know as much about cars as I should know, but unlike my husband, I do prefer to shop around for a better price, not just for cars, but in general. Just over a week ago,  the downpipe in my husband’s car got damaged.  It needed to be replaced, not repaired and there was some welding that needed to be done. I’m not going to go into all the detail.  What I will tell you is that the car is 13 years old and out of any service/motor plan. It has just under 145000km, which is great for a car that old. As old as it may be, my hubby doesn’t have the heart to part with it. Here is what the car looks like…as at this morning. Quite fly for a 13 year old if you had to ask me but then again, I’m a woman…what do I know about cars….

Golf GTI - PeanutGallery247

Okay, so getting back to what I want to share…is that the downpipe I referred to above, could not be repaired or replaced by the mechanic who does the routine services on the car.  He then called 2-3 people to assist, who was not able to or didn’t carry stock of the part.

I then called 3 different places to get a quote – 1 of them had to order stock and none of them could do it on the same day.

My husband’s brother in law who is usually well connected and didn’t fail to disappoint in this instance, referred us to Revesh at RNS Motorsport in Midrand.   Not only did he have stock available, but was able to assist the next morning as we had called late afternoon.  The price that he charged us, was less than half of the prices quoted by the other companies that I had received quotes from. To think that we would have most likely used one of them had we not been referred to Revesh. What a rip off that would have been!

Furthermore, Revesh kept us informed of the progress throughout the time it was in the workshop, which I found very professional. It is always good to be informed, it makes the service so much more “personal” and you’re not just treated like another number.

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post, (not that my opinion would be any different if it was) I just felt like I needed to share this because of the excellent service we have experienced, not to mention how much better the car sounds, feels and drives. Yes, I drove it back home and gosh….I miss driving a manual! Changing those gears and taking off at the robot, looking at the cars I leave behind in the rear view mirror…mmh…!

Let me also just add that Revesh is not related to me, just in case anyone thought that.  You know mos, many Indians are well connected, with their cousins and all…nope, I don’t know this dude but I believe his business is fairly new, so go on and show some support if you’re looking for competitive prices and trustworthy service. Here’s the deets below…you can thank me later.

RNS Motorsport Midrand - PeanutGallery247

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