In this journey called life, we go through phases and each phase sometimes seems worse than the last.  We question ourselves.  We question why these things happen to us.  We wonder why our paths crossed with some people which we wish it had not.  It often leaves us feeling hurt, confused and depressed.  We feel empty and if only we discovered self-love; a path to the light a little sooner, we’d be in our element within every stage of life.  It’s not too late and I do hope that this encourages you to practice self-love.

A woman walked alone, her heart heavy with pain,

She’d been hurt so deeply, she couldn’t love again.
She carried the weight of her past on her shoulders,
And the memories of hurt, they never grew older.

She tried to move on, but the hurt was too great,
Her heart was a prison, she couldn’t escape.
But she never gave up, she kept moving forward,
Though her heart was broken, she refused to be a ward.

She looked in the mirror, but she couldn’t see,
The beauty within her, the strong woman she could be.
She felt lost and alone, in a world full of hate,
But she held on to hope, it was all she had left.

She struggled each day, to find love for herself,
And the journey was hard, it was like an endless hell.
But as time passed by, she began to see,
That the love she sought, was inside of her, free.

She learned to accept, all the hurt and the pain,
And to love herself, in spite of it all.
She stood tall and proud, with a heart full of grace,
And she shone like a star, in the darkest of space.

She became an inspiration, to all who knew her,
And her story of strength, it will forever endure.
For she proved that no matter how deep the hurt,
With love for ourselves, we can rise above.

And to all the women, who’ve been hurt like her,
Take heart and know that you too can be a star.
Find love in yourself, and never give up the fight,
For in self-love, there is beauty, and a path to the light.

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