Have you ever felt like you were alone in this world?

Have you ever feared that no one understands you, nobody can see through you?

Have you ever feared that you may not meet someone who shared your dreams and hopes and aspirations?

Did you get to a point where you questioned your purpose in life?

Did you feel empty, no matter how hard you tried not to?

Maybe it’s because you were hurt,

Maybe it’s because you didn’t care,

Maybe you were just focused on something else,

Maybe you were not ready,

Maybe you just met the wrong people.

Life seemed bleak.

You were surrounded by people without values.

You were surrounded by things that should have been good,

But turned out bad.

You lost hope.

You gave up on your dreams.

In a world where people valued things and not people,

Where the hunger for power killed love,

You almost lost your dreams,

Thinking it would be impossible.

Then suddenly,

Something happens…

Someone comes along…

You’re inspired and your vision of life is now clear…

You’re hopeful and you don’t feel guilty to have such hope.

You’re smiling,

You’re radiant.

Cos the things that live in your heart,

Didn’t die…

They have been revived,

Because suddenly,

There is someone…who sings the same song your heart sings.

Don’t lose hope, someday your someone will come along.

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