I know I’ve been less active on social media recently and it just seems that as time goes by, time itself, becomes scarcer. There’s so much I want to do but time won’t allow. I have a bunch of unread messages, emails and notifications – I know, I know…that’s bad….and yes, I do realise that I have to change that and have made some effort to do so. One of the things I need to do is shopping! This is why I’m so excited to remind you about Black Friday and Cyber Monday – here’s my Superbalist Black Friday Showdown Wishlist…!

Believe it or not, one would think that it is so easy but it isn’t when you’re rushing home after work and get stuck in traffic. There’s been a few times I got to the mall, like a few days ago and to my dismay, found that most of the shops at that specific mall closed at 17h00, which didn’t at all help me. Quite honestly, it was quite a waste of my time; driving there, finding parking, getting out of my car, going to the shop that didn’t have stock of what I wanted and then I just had to pay for parking and go home because the rest of the shops were all closed.

Sorry if that came across as a vent, that’s because it is just that. That being said, there’s a ray of light ahead, in that it just affirmed my decision to resort to more online shopping. This time of the year, I’m sure many anticipate the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. You will not however see me going to any shops on those days…..hell no! I love sales, but not enough to get trampled over nor do I have the interest to stand in long lines. 

This year, I’m going to plan better – I’ve already started browsing Superbalist’s catalogue and have placed a few items of interest into my Wishlist.

My Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

Black Friday Wishlist for me

For those who know me, you’d probably be surprised to see this item in my wishlist, yes, it is from the Superbalist One Piece Swimsuits range!
Whilst I am all in support of those against body shaming, I can’t say that i am brave enough or rather comfortable enough to prance around in a bikini and this is why the one piece swimsuit appeals to me.  My child loves the water, so whether I want to or not, is somewhat irrelevant when you have a child and want to spend time doing things together, specifically, things he enjoys.  On that note, here’s my favourites, which I’ve added to my wishlist! 

I love the colours of this one piece swimsuit and it feels like it is a top, I’ll certainly feel comfy wearing this at home or in public with some swim shorts over or a sarong. Speaking of shorts, I came across this Levi’s bermuda, which I think will look great over the swimsuit as well. Call me old fashioned, but I dress for comfort and these sandals are a wider fit, which just by looking at, I know will be comfortable. 

Click on each picture for more details…

Black Friday Wishlist for our home

I was looking for some nesting tables for our bedside and I came across these Tiffany bedside tables which I fell in love with – it’s that “less is more” effect and it will certainly eliminate bedsides draws from being filled with junk that one doesn’t even need by the bedside! I used to be so good at changing the look of our rooms so often but it’s like I’ve been on a go slow in that regard…I kid you not, so starting with our bedroom, it’s one of the rooms that surely needs a new look!
I love this chic mint Shibui duvet set – it has such a calming effect! I am leaning toward a floor lamp for our bedroom, no longer enjoy the bedside lamps and I think this “Noble” floor lamp is very subtle and doesn’t take much space and will go well with the Tiffany bedside tables. I’d probably throw a gold runner on the bed too. 

What are your thoughts? 

Black Friday Wishlist for Kayden

I’d consider myself a bad mum and wife if I didn’t shop for my child or husband, so on that note, let me share some of my wishlist items for Kayden as hubby is more of a private person.

Kayden loves takkies or anything similar and I think these Palladiums are so cool! Besides, at this age, it’s easier to wear loud colours. I think he’ll totally rock these! Kayden loves looking at the stars and the moon and he loves dinosaurs, I can only imagine how thrilled he will be about these Interstellar Chuck Taylor All Stars!  Finally, on the bottom right, I think these Puma Smash shoes are so versatile and it’s easy to put on and take off which is a bonus!

Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  • Set your alarm to remind yourself about Black Friday which is on the 29th of November 2019 and Cyber Monday is on the 2nd of December 2019
  • Download the Superbalist app in advance 
  • Browse the catalogue using the app or online and wishlist your favourite items 
  • Then take advantage of amazing discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
Don’t say I didn’t remind you. Happy browsing and shopping! 
To be quite honest, I’m going to have to practice so much of self control to wait until the end of the month…should I? Well…why pay additional amounts when I can take advantage of Black Friday specials, right? On the other hand, just from browsing now, some prices are so awesome, I wonder if sizes will be left by Black Friday….mmmh…

Well, considering all the shopping I didn’t get to recently, it won’t hurt if I do some now and then again for Black Friday, right? 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions and views are my own.

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