Shopping instore is a challenge

I have to admit, shopping after becoming a mom, isn’t as easy as it used to be, well not for a working mom like myself anyway.  Time is rather limited, after work you want to do as little as possible so that you spend time with your little one.

I usually have just over 2 hours to spend with Kayden when I get home from work, before he falls asleep. So all those days I used to spend shopping after work, are long gone. Spending quality time with our child as a family is priority.

But my child needs clothes and anyone who is a parent knows just how fast they grow out of the outfit you just bought them recently. With this being said, I am so thrilled to know that one of stores that I buy some of Kayden’s clothes from, now has their range available online via Superbalist!

I must admit, before Kayden was born, I shopped at Cotton On Kids whenever I needed to buy a gift for a baby shower, particularly girl babies. I just LOVED and still do LOVE the pretty little dresses and accessories for girls! It’s cuteness overload! Yes, the boy clothes are cool but not as pretty as the girl clothes!

I’m going to say this about any shop that I go to because I just feel there is so much more for girls than boys…I have to also say that this is one of the reasons I love the Cotton On KIDS range, I do feel that they have a more unqiue range for boys than that you would find in most stores.

Shopping online for my child becomes convienient


There’s no doubt that Cotton On KIDS offers some of the cutest and most kid-friendly clothes in the country and now parents across South Africa can shop for this adorable mini-me fast fashion online.

Cotton On KIDS is one of ten superb brands in the new Superbalist kids category, which includes a range of international labels for little fashion icons in the making.

Yes, that’s correct, for those of you who don’t even have access to a Cotton on KIDS store, you can be pleased to know that you will now be able to dress your kids in trendy fashion by simply shopping online.

If you want your tiny tot to make the best dressed list, shop for playful, creative, on-trend clothes that are as cute as they are comfortable. There’ll be a plethora of cool clothing for ages 0 to 8-years; in fact, the only question parents will be asking is, ‘does it come in my size?’

Here’s some of my favourite items for Baby Boys from the range: The range is very limited at the moment so I am looking foward to a bigger range!

                             Boy Set - PeanutGallery247    All Star - PeanutGallery247   Superbalist Kids - PeanutGallery247

I don’t have a daughter, but if I had a daugther or had to buy a gift for a Girl baby, I would oh, so choose these! Isn’t this cuteness overload!!

                 Gabbi Dress - PeanutGallery247  Ballerina Pump - PeanutGallery247  Girl Set - PeanutGallery247

To check out the full range, simply click here.

Superbalist understands my shopping needs!

Superbalist, thanks for adding this range, it’s freakin’ awesome! You clearly understand the complexity and challenges of a working mom who loves shopping! Here’s to making my life easier. It’s funny how motherhood has changed me, from loving shopping for myself (not that I don’t enjoy this anymore) to loving shopping for my child.  I can now do it in the convienience of my home and also sip on a glass of wine whilst I do so. How awesome is that!

I’m going to earn brownie points with hubby as well because he hates shopping! So anything we can buy online will be a benefit because he doesn’t have to accompany me to a shopping mall! I don’t blame him – others who have gone shopping with me couldn’t handle it either.

So you see, it’s a win-win situation for us all – mommy, daddy and of course baby.

Superbalist Kids - PeanutGallery247

If you haven’t visited Superbalist as yet, I suggest you do and whilst you’re there, signup for amazing discounts and special offers.

Superbalist Website

As always, I’d love your feedback, what do you think of this range and do you also have challenges in finding time to shop?


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