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I’ve always believed that knowledge is something you share, which is probably why my profession involves so much of that. The more knowledge I impart to others, the more fulfilled I feel. What I do not understand though, are those “knowledge misers”. Those that know or think they know it all, but hold onto that knowledge as if it was a treasure meant for them only.In the business world, I have come across and still do come across so many people that are this way. Their job is their “Territory”. They are very reluctant to share or to empower. They never appreciate or recognise great efforts. They are conspicuously afraid that someone may “steal” their job.

These types of people never want to take leave from work, because if they do, they must empower and share knowledge with someone else, who will stand in for them. Isn’t this insecurity?

Why should they feel insecure? Why are they so reluctant to let someone into “their” territory? Territorial behaviour is unhealthy and unproductive. It does not depict a relationship of trust or empowerment. Some people are so insecure, that they may even present your ideas as their own, as they are afraid of being exposed in a negative light or better still, to expose you in a positive light.

How silly does this sound? As silly as it sounds, there are such people out there.

Don’t allow your ambition to be stifled by someone with an unproductive territorial behaviour. The less contact you have with such people, the greater journey lies ahead for you to pursue your dreams and be the best person you can be. If someone is blocking your path because of territorial behaviour – your future is being compromised and this is a reason to reconsider your next steps carefully and make the correct decisions – decisions that will allow you to grow and to feel and have a sense of purpose…which will also be valued in return.

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