via Daily Prompt: Final

You’re beautiful in my eyes,
regardless of your shape or size.
When I see you smile,
I smile too.
Whenever you hurt,
I hurt too.
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you mum,
Cos you live your life doing your best for me.
No one can take your place.
Forever in my heart you will live,
Even when it’s time for us to part,
Memories will never depart.
Etched in my heart,
You’ll be my favourite song.
Mummy to me, you are the greatest of them all.
I am who I am, cos you nurtured me.
Mummy, today I’m a mummy too.
The joy I brought to you,
He brings to me.
Mummy now I’m understanding mummy things I didn’t quite get before.
Being a mummy is my greatest blessing,
I underestimated motherhood until I myself Finally became a mum.
Thank you mum, for all you did for me,
It’s clear to me now,
That you wanted the best for me.
I love you mum, yes I do.


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