“If music be the food of love, play on.” I could not help but think of and associate this Shakespeare quote to The Bee Gees Show – Night Fever. When the melodious songs from generations ago played, the theatre was filled with a sense of love and joy, it was a truly a harmonious vibe and just what I needed to start off this year, being my first live music event.

The Bee Gees Show is therapeutic

I’ve always believed that music is therapeutic and I still do and The Bee Gees Show – Night Fever certainly did not disappoint or prove me wrong. Although it’s only the first month of the new year, there’s been stuff going which has made me feel emotional daily. Sometimes, we just have to find ways to snap out of it, no matter how hard that can be, to find a deterrent. Know what I mean? Yeah, like when you put on your big girl panties and escape from reality for a while?

That’s just what I did when I decided to go to the show. I had been in contact with the organiser the night before, giving him the heads up that I may not attend…but I’m so glad that I made the decision to go! Why, you may ask?

The Bee Gees Show – triggered all kinds of happy

Let me explain…I’m a sucker for love and romance. When I see people happy, it makes me happy. Music, well let me rephrase that, certain music, makes people happy and in this instance, that’s just what The Bee Gees Show – Night Fever did to the audience on opening night, which was this Friday.

I have to be honest, you should know I always am and not afraid to let you know when something isn’t great – so, on the third or fourth song or so, I was questioning my decision. “Did I really leave home for this?” Not in a good way – It was two songs that played that I was not familiar with that made it feel as if this was going to be a boring show and why, oh why, did I leave home to be there.

Alas, it was safe to say that it was just 2 songs (to me anyway), that didn’t appeal to me. The rest of the show was heartwarming – if I had to choose just one word to sum it up.

The crowd enjoyed a gent from the audience dancing – the look on his face and just his overall dance communicated a spirit of love and happiness and incidentally, he happened to be celebrating his four year anniversary with his wife, which we later found out.
There was another couple or two who got up to dance – looking so much in love. I love watching people in love. Even though my husband was not with me, I sat there with a happy heart, thinking of him and how much I love him. These songs, made me love him even more.

Here’s my very amateur video snippet (Cell phone capture) of Friday night’s experience – opening night. Please excuse the background noises, I’m no videographer…just wanted you to have a glimpse of the vibe…

The Bees Gees Show – A trip down memory lane

Ballads like “Words,” “How deep is your love,” “Too much of Heaven,” and “To love somebody” are songs that I used to sing along to as a child/teenager. I was in love with the idea of being in love and songs like these used to make me feel so in love. “Staying Alive” was a family favourite, my late mum, her sisters and cousins loved dancing and this was like a family anthem…good old memories!

These songs created the same magic feeling of being in love, I’m sure you know that I am my husband’s biggest fan, but listening to these songs which I did after some time, has made me fall in love with him even more!

Australia’s Zachary Coombs did a fantastic job at emulating the singing style of the eldest brother, Barry Gibb. Whilst he was the main vocalist, I must add that our very own South African Warren Van Driscoll, who look so calm and collected in his skinny jeans, had a beautiful voice. His portrayal of Robin Gibb would not be complete without the iconic blue-tinted spectacles, which he of course wore. I’m pretty convinced that he wasn’t strutting a fake toupe!

Warren Van Driscoll

Final Thoughts

Take some time off. Stop thinking too much about current circumstances. Allow the music to lift your spirits. The Bee Gees Show – Night Fever did this for me, these songs are timeless and who can’t fall more in love listening to such songs? The tickets are so affordable and so close to home, it’s such a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. It’s important to make the time to do such things. Whether they make you think of loved ones who are no longer around or the people in your life that you love, one thing for sure is that the feeling will bring back fond memories – yes, it made me miss those who are no longer around but it also made me feel so much more in love and to me, that’s always a great thing!

For more details on the show (dates, times, discounts, etc.), click here.

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4 Replies to “Why The Bee Gees Show – Night Fever was therapeutic for me”

  1. I love The Bee Gees. It brings me back to our past. I loved the Staying Alive era. It was our teens – carefree, dancing and just fun. Glad that you saw this show Nicole👍🏻.

    1. Such nostalgic memories – as lovely as the memories are, there’s actually some sadness when one thinks about how carefree things were then

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