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Before I became a mummy, I often heard people “warn” me that life will change when I have a baby. At that time, I brushed off such comments and thought it was exaggerated.

My son is now 9 months old and I must say that my life has indeed changed.For the better of course!

It’s very difficult for me to even think about what life was like before I had my son. I cannot imagine my life without him. It’s strange how a child transforms you or makes you feel more mature. Suddenly, the things in life I enjoyed before being a mum, are irrelevant now. Everything is about him.

Before my son (Kayden) was born, I struggled with work-life balance. I used to spend copious amounts of time after hours, working. This was not good for my health or my mind. I knew that it wasn’t good but somehow, I’d continue working and working, neglecting myself, my family and my social life. I guess at some point we all go through such phases.

The arrival of Kayden has made me re-evaluate my life and introduce certain limits with regard to bringing work home. There is no way that I can now come home and not spend time with him because I have work to do. I miss him so much each day and no, it doesn’t get easier. As he grows and develops, each day a new milestone, making it harder to leave him each morning.

Creating this blog, was or rather is an outlet for me to channel my creative energy. It’s me doing something I enjoy doing. I do it whilst my child is asleep, so that I don’t rob him of any attention. I feel more at ease having work-life balance. It is certainly not easy being a working mum but we have made adjustments to make it work for us. I am so glad that I started blogging, I am finding it extremely fulfilling and even though I wouldn’t call it “spare” time – I am glad I make the time to blog. I believe when you have a passion for something, you should not let anything get in your way, so this blog, has become a very important part of my lifestyle.

My husband and I still go out for “date nights”. We still go to the cinema and other live events. We are excited to take Kayden to new places and to experience new things. Our lifestyle has changed for the better, having a child makes you want to do things for them that you probably wouldn’t have cared to do if you didn’t have a child.

So yes, my lifestyle has changed since I got married and after I became a mummy – but I would not have it any other way. My lifestyle is my choice, a choice that I am proud to say I am happy with.

How has your Lifestyle changed since becoming a parent and/or being married? I would love to hear about your lifestyle changes…so please do comment below.

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