Have you ever just been back from a holiday or short getaway, only to feel like you didn’t spend enough time there and want to go back? That’s exactly how I felt about Brahman Hills!I had seen a few posts online and it immediately sparked an interest in me and landed on my list of places to visit.  Like many places in South Africa, this is a gem waiting to be discovered!  There’s just so much to say and to share, that I decided to do separate posts. So this post will be about The Spa at Brahman Hills.

Nestled in the idyllic Blue Crane Nature Reserve on the Brahman Hills property, you will find The Spa at Brahman Hills. From inside you feel as if you are on board a ship, thanks largely to the unique porthole windows, which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding gardens, dominated by gorgeous lavender.

You immediately fall in love with the décor and the ambience (I did anyway!). Your senses are invigorated with the therapeutic scents that are infused throughout the interior.  The essential oils serves its purpose, making this feel like an oasis whilst we escaped the rat race for two days away.  There was something about the cerulean blue walls downstairs, which were complimented with luxurious velvety reclining couches in the Tranquility Lounge, that made me feel as if I could stay there much longer. The sounds from the water wall enhanced the zen feeling. The delicious cappuccino (and I’m quite fussy about my cappuccino by the way) warmed me up, making me feel more relaxed before the treatment.

There is meticulous attention to detail which will be most appreciated by those with OCD tendencies…let’s not mention any names here. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place. The neatness and cleanliness were top notch, coupled with professionalism, not just in the outward presentation of staff, but also in their etiquette.  

I have been to many spas, but I can safely say that it’s easily one of the top 5 spas I’ve ever visited in South Africa. In a beautiful country setting, with various wildlife capering the property, Brahman Hills is a perfect mix of African earthiness and luxury, with soothing neutral tones, complemented with white accents and balanced o natural lighting. The Spa at Brahman is truly unique!

The spa is accessible to day visitors as well. About a 4-hour drive from Gauteng and a 2-hour drive from Durban. It is definitely worth the drive!  I strongly suggest considering a spa day or a just a weekend away. The Spa at Brahman Hills and Brahman Hills as a whole, offers endless photographic opportunities, with a variety of options from mother nature herself as well as the man-made facilities, which make picture perfect backdrops. Please look out for my upcoming post about the rest of Brahman Hills.

If you are looking for an unparallel spa experience, the Spa at Brahman Hills is for you! There is a popular 90-minute treatment for couples, or you can choose treatments as an individual or as a group. If you’re a bride-to-be, take advantage of the dedicated private room for you and your bridal party. Turn it into a photo-shoot with some bubbly! Make a weekend trip to get rid of the pre-wedding jitters.

With many spas around, it is very rare to find one that looks good, has great service and actually has therapists who excel at the treatments they provide you with. I’ve had many experiences when just one of those factors lacked in some way or the other, and that ruined the entire experience.

If I had to rate the Spa at Brahman Hills, I would give it a 5 out of 5 as there is absolutely nothing that I can fault with the experience. I don’t go to places looking for something to fault them on, but I do love having my opinion and making mention of areas for improvement. However, in this instance, the Spa at Brahman Hills has by far exceeded my expectations, I was and still am in awe.

This was my first experience at The Spa at Brahman Hills but I know it won’t be my last, it’s just too good of an experience to have once only.  So, whether you plan to go there for a special occasion or no special reason at all, you can rest assured that you will have a truly special experience. 

The pictures speak for themselves, but don’t take my word for it! Check out their website and book now! You will not be disappointed. Take advantage of the amazing Black Friday specials they have!

Contact Details

Contact details:

For more information please go to:

www.brahmanhills.co.za, Reservations: 033 266 6965

reservations@brahmanhills.co.za / spa@brahmanhills.co.za

Facebook:Brahman Hills

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/brahmanhills


GPS co-ordinates: S29°18’56.84” E30°3’6.04”

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all views and opinions are my own

9 Replies to “The Spa at Brahman Hills”

    1. Judging from your Instagram feed, I am certain you will love it here and your love of nature and the environmental conversation/recycling, will make you appreciate it even more 😉

    1. You’ll most certainly feel like you’re on a break here, the country setting creates a therapeutic feeling…well for me anyway 😉

  1. Looks so elegant, I’m sure it must have been really nice… This looks like a great place to be at especially when you work hectic shifts and need a good rest.

    1. I don’t work shifts, but life has been pretty hectic and I certainly needed a good rest, it’s the perfect escape from everyday reality!

    1. Hi Michelle, it’s good to hear from you – it’s been a while (from me) – I very often choose lavender essential oils when I go to a spa, what made this extra special, is the lavender fields right outside the spa – has inspired me to get some for home, which I strangely don’t have, considering how much I love lavender. Hope you’re well. xx

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