A woman, oh so multifaceted
with more than meets the eye,
You judge the covers of my book,
yet there’s so much in between.
If you take the time to open me
And read each lovely page,
You’ll be on voyage of discovery,
one that may just amaze you.

A friend and a lover,
A sister and a colleague,
A little stubborn at times,
Yet not too stiff to bend.

A heart that breaks so easily,
For it loves so very strong,
with a paradigm to know
It can’t stay broken too long.

I’ll work hard when I want to,
When the task at hand holds meaning,
And sometimes when it doesn’t,
Like the faxing and the filing.

Hater of what’s evil,
Though I sometimes go astray,
But turn around before I have
Completely lost my way.

So, open up my pages
take a look inside,
A journey of truth,
You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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