It’s great that you’re in a relationship. Well done. That was easy! What’s difficult is keeping the relationship. Only the strong survive. This means it’s going to take some effort, from both partners.

Here are a few tips for a lasting relationship that may help;


Women DO love to know what you’re thinking and instead of getting annoyed when she asks you ten times, “what are you thinking about,” rather consider telling her what’s on your mind so that she feels that you can speak to her and also so that she doesn’t jump to conclusions.

Trust me; most women WILL jump to conclusions if they feel you are holding something back. Save yourself and her trouble and tell her what’s on your mind.

Before she agreed to be your girlfriend, you wooed her. Don’t stop now that she’s said yes! If you started something, the secret of keeping the relationship as happy as it was in the beginning is to go on making effort. Don’t stop dating. Don’t stop getting her flowers. Don’t stop kissing her.

Give her your undivided attention when she wants to speak to you. Even if you can’t help her, she sometimes just wants you to listen. Just listen, attentively. It shows you care. Women want to feel cared for. The worst thing to happen when a woman is speaking to you is to have your attention focused elsewhere. It makes her feel unvalued. IF you value your woman, let her know that you are listening to her.

Compliment her – she loves to be noticed and appreciated by you. It must be meaningful though. Pay attention and compliment her new hairstyle or shoes or dress. She most likely did it to impress you, so let her know that you noticed.

Call her when she least expects to tell her that you miss her or love her. Don’t take it for granted that she knows that! She likes to be reminded of it.


If a man does not speak to you when you choose for him to speak, give him space. Men don’t always talk when we want them to and if you push them to speak just because you want to, you WILL annoy him.

If your man is late or didn’t call you, don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t say things accusingly because if he was not lying to you, you are showing him that you are insecure and no man likes to continuously prove his innocence. Insecurity is very unattractive. Even if you are, don’t show him. Give him a chance to explain before you accuse!

Don’t force him to do things that you want to do unless he really wants to. If you want to do something that he doesn’t enjoy, then find another time and leave him some space to do things on his own. He can be in the garage breaking something apart ten times and he will be much happier doing that than watching Desperate Housewives with you (although I must admit, I’ve seen many men who love Desperate Housewives…maybe it’s the eye candy…well good for you if you have a man who’ll watch it with you) Now with me having mentioned this, the next time he is watching it, don’t accuse him of watching it because of the eye candy!

Men are not as macho as they would like us to believe so most of all respect your man and he will respect you back. Don’t belittle him in front of other people. It’s inconsiderate. Wait until you are alone if you need to speak to him or express your unhappiness about something…don’t do it in the presence of anyone else.

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