It’s the Easter Season already! Can you believe it! This means that your little ones are probably waiting for the Easter Bunny in anticipation of the annual Easter Egg Hunt. This year, why not surprise them and not just limit them to finding Easter Eggs but some of the Top Toys for Easter from Prima Toys too.  Children and even adults, love the element of surprise, so it goes without say that these carefully selected toys will serve as a good remembrance of their Easter weekend.

As we come to an end of the first quarter of this year, it can also serve as a little gift of appreciation, to simply say, “you’ve done well” and this is your treat. We all know how children love treats and there’s a lovely incentive in the form of a toy, to suit every boy and girl.

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

Top Toys for Easter - PeanutGallery247

If you have a little girl that’s 5 years or older, she is going to love playing with this cute little chick. The high quality sensor will ensure that she responds to touch. Petting her on the head will prompt her to chirp and the more you pet her, the more she will chirp for you. This cute chick is very realistically designed, enhancing nurturing skills.This is a toy that can be used to teach a child responsibilities from a young age. Simple things like caring for this chick, ensuring that she is safe and that her shell is safe, protecting her any harm, keeping her safe in her cage when being carried around, when she is not hopping around.

I don’t believe in Kayden playing with gender specific toys – in this instance, I think the skill of nurturing is important, to both girl and boy children. For that very reason, I have exposed Kayden to the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick. He enjoyed it the first few days but the novelty wore out. I must also reiterate that this is ideally meant for girls over 5 years or older, so he clearly doesn’t understand such a toy as yet in terms of age.

Top Toys for Easter - PeanutGallery247

I think that this Chick is sooooooooo cute, just too adorable. Yes…I enjoyed checking out her capabilities. I am convinced that kids over 5 are going to enjoy playing with the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick as well. Very cleverly made! I love how she tweets and walks around.

There are five Chicks to collect: Patty the Party Chick, Blossy the Daisy Chick, Tilly the Dancing Chick, Beaky the Rainbow Chick and Henny Penny the Sunny Chick. There is also the Limited Edition Golden Chick – Lucky Clucky. The beauty of the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick is that it hatches over and over again, not just once. Ideal for ages 5+. RSP: R279.99 Available at toy stores and retailers. The Little Live Pets House RSP is R499.99


Top Toys for Easter Smashers- PeanutGallery247

If your child loves “smashing” things open or apart, then he is going to love Smashers. It’s a new collectible range for boys – again, whilst it is targeted for boys – I do believe girls can play with it as well. Kayden is enjoying playing with this bus and of course, we have played the nursery rhyme “The Wheels of the Bus….” numerous times, so he is familiar with the bus. This bus opens up for more of an adventure and transforms into a smash field.

Top Toys for Easter Smashers- PeanutGallery247

Once smashed open, they can be collected and each has it’s own value. The imagination is not limited as to the amount of play that can be derived from the Smashers range, it’s a great choice for imaginative play.

Ideal for ages 5+. Available at toy stores and retailers. RSP: R49.99 for single pack

Top Toys for Easter Smashers - PeanutGallery247

Baby Secrets

Top Toys for Easter Baby Secrets - PeanutGallery247

Is it a boy or is it a girl? Find out at the gender reveal bath where the diaper changes to either pink or blue to depict the gender of the baby! How interesting is that? Not to mention cute – that little bath and the stroller – just oozed with cuteness…overload. The legs and hands are flexible for added fun.  This will sure be a treasure worth finding in that Easter Hunt to add to your little one’s basket of Easter treats.

For girls aged 4 years +. From RSP: R 59.99 available at toy stores and retailers nationwide.

Top Toys for Easter Baby Secrets - PeanutGallery247


Top Toys for Easter Baby Secrets - PeanutGallery247

Ben 10 Mini Figurines in Foil Pack

Benjamin Tennyson is not your average 10-year-old boy. He also moonlights as Ben 10, a superhero with special powers that he discovered at a young age when his signature Omnitrix device miraculously attached itself to his wrist. The Omnitrix gives Ben 10 the power to alter his genetic makeup and transform into 10 alien creatures that save people from alien invasions and fight off the bad guys.

If your child is a Ben 10 fan, then all of the above is not new to you. If you’re looking for something a little “small” to add to the Easter Hunt, this is an ideal choice.

Help defend the galaxy with a Ben 10 Mini Figure Foil Pack! Ideal for boys aged 4 +. Available at toy stores and retailers for RSP: R49.99.

Mini CupCake Surprise

Nope…it’s not just a cupcake. There’s a doll in there. Which little girl doesn’t love cupcakes and dolls? Now she can have them both. This is definitely something that will make her smile this Easter.

Top Toys for Easter Mini CupCake - PeanutGallery247


Top Toys for Easter Baby Secrets - PeanutGallery247


Last but not least, there’s the gorgeous Shopkins range. If your child loves the idea of travel during play, then allow them to take a trip to Mexico and serve up some delicious spicy flavours. Included is Paco Taco, Amigo Burrito and they can hola at Tico Tomato too. These are great to carry around in a backpack and serve as the ideal companions during travel or even at home.

Top Toys for Easter Shopkins- PeanutGallery247

There are many more top toys for Easter to choose from, head on over to the Prima Toys website and see for yourself.


Courtesy of Prima Toys, 2 lucky readers stand the chance to win one of the following:

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and House

Smashers Hamper worth R500

To enter, simply comment below:

What is your favourite activity to do during the Easter Season with your kid/s and also let me know which of the 2 prizes you would prefer to win.

T’s and C’s

Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash
South African residents only
Competition ends at midnight on the 27th March 2018
For extra entries, share this post and use the hashtag #PeanutGallery247

Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes, my opinions as always, are my own.


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33 Replies to “Top Toys for Easter – Giveaway”

  1. Hello! At Easter we love going to the beach and also love having a few mini egg hunts in the house and garden. I have 3 boys, they would love the smashes toys x

  2. family tradition of Easter lunch with the family and then the annually easter egg hunt.l would like the little live pets surprise chick and Smashers

  3. Me and my daughter would usually be at home spending quality time with our family every year but this year its going to be different, we travelling to go spend time with our extended family in atlantis, we love to travel, i would like to win the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and House for my daughter, thank you 😊❤

  4. What I like doing for my niece is run flats off wheatgrass down the center off the dining room table with single flowers in vials to keep them fresh and I hide the eggs in the grass

  5. We love doing arts and crafts and baking and decorating cupcakes. I’d choose the Live Pets Pets suprise chick and house

  6. Easter is a special time for us ever since the arrival of my little boy. Every year mom and dad take leave an make it all about family time, spoiling our little boy. Little outings with everything pertaining to the festivity from playing with Bunny rabbits to making easter eggs however Dante’s best part is getting to eat some easter eggs afterwards. Since Dante is a smasher of….the Smashers prize hamper will be perfect!

  7. Our favorite tradition is a big easter lunch and then the fun begins as we have an awesome time with the kids on an easter egg hunt. The kiddies love it

  8. I enjoy recording my kids and there friends finding the hidden Egg treasures. We would like the House and Shopkins please.

  9. My Families Easter Tradition is firstly attending church to acknowledge and learn the reason we celebrate Easter. Then we have Hot Cross Buns for breakfast or after church. When all is done we get ready for our Easter Egg hunt. We normally go out to the park as a family and create our own Easter egg hunt, in this way we ensure everyone gets to have something and enjoy the day at the same time. After we attend Easter shows and celebrate with family. I would love to win the Little Live Pets Suprise Chick And House for my Little Girl 😊

  10. I would love Little live pets surprise chick and house. Our Easter tradition is spending quality time with family. We arrange a Easter egg hunt for the kids it’s so exciting as we select an adult to dress up in a bunny suit we have. 😀 Our first surprise start where the kids have to guess who’s wearing the bunny suite,kids with the correct answers get their first treats .Then the BIG hunt starts where super excited kids runs and hunts for their Easter eggs. It is so exciting to see the smiles on their little faces.

  11. I Would love the smashers hamper. we celebrate easter with a little easter egg hunt, church service and then family time we all get together (my parent 8 kids and 12 grandkids) and either cook or have a braai.

  12. Our Easter Tradition as a family is we always go out and enter the Easter Egg Hunts. During the past years we have been to many local markets and ushaka marine world and participated in their hunts. This year we decided to put up gazebos and create our own set up. It will be a first but spending time with family and doing this together will also be fun. We also attend church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday mornings and have Hot Cross Buns and Black Tea which is an age old tradition. 😊. I try to make Easter exciting each year and eventful, I would love to win the Little Live Pets Chick and House for my little Princess. A wonderful giveaway. 😊

  13. We love going camping over the Easter holiday. I would love to win the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and House for my daughter

  14. Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and House
    The activity that I and enjoy with the kids are making the little decor for our easter lunch table, we make name cards, paint easter eggs, easter greeting cards, easter crepe paper bunny hats and packing speckled easter eggs in little packets as a favour for each family member.

  15. We don’t really celebrate Easter but my treasure hunts.. so we get in there anyway. And then it’s chocolate and bunnies everywhere! Lol. Easter season for us is just more time to spend with each other.. always do stuff that we all enjoy like going to the parks for picnics. Would love to win the smashers !

  16. My daughter turned 1 this year, since she can walk we will be arranging hidden marshmallows for her to find. I would love the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and House

  17. Our service at church starys at 2pm. In te morning, we start off by our easter egg hunt, i will hide easter eggs in the garden, then the kids will all look for them. We will then have lunch, then prepare ourselves for a nice church service. My daughter would like the little live Pets Surprise chick and house.

  18. I love getting my daughter to make Easter crafts in the lead up to Easter and of course definitely the Easter egg hunt, love watch her hunt around according to my clues. She would absolutely love the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and house.

  19. We love the whole hide and seeking of the eastet eggs. Even the grown ups. Would love anyone of the awesome prizes

  20. easter egg treasure hunt for al da kids , we go out to a park for da day , an I hide goodies every where and da kids start hunting da treats and they keep wat they find , da kids really enjoy doing that , I wit love to win da Smashers hamper for my kids

  21. My easter tradition wit my family is an easter egg treasure hunt for al da kids , we go out to a park for da day , an I hide goodies every where and da kids start hunting da treats and they keep wat they find , da kids really enjoy doing that

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