Finding a transsexual partner to share your love with is not an easy thing to achieve. People throughout the world are still somewhat uncomfortable with seeing someone who is not of the usual sexual orientation as we may be used to.  That’s why transgender people have difficulty in finding romance and love.  Many members of LGBTQ population have resorted to internet dating as a result.  With the 26th of October 2019, marking the 30th anniversary of Johannesburg Pride Parade,
I thought that it would be apt to share this post.

Yes, I know it’s a very controversial topic to many. The reality exists that we are surrounded by diversity which is far more than just the diverse languages, ethnicity, religion, etc. – there’s lot’s of diversity regarding sexual orientation and before I go any further, I want to share a link to this post, which was so informative and I learned so many things and you can too,
about LGBTQ:

Numerous dating websites all over the internet will provide transsexuals with the opportunity to find a soulmate. These are online dating platforms which are exclusively designed for transsexuals, transgender, bisexual, and gay people. This allows the members to feel more at ease when signing up to use the platform, although it is open for everyone to join.

These online dating sites for people who don’t fit the traditional norm are of great importance. Finding a potential partner, using online dating sites is becoming more popular as finding someone in conventional ways is a huge challenge. These dating sites serve as an excellent way for transsexuals or those looking for a tranny partner to find what they’re looking for.

Whether we want to talk about it or not, the ugly truth is that there is often a negative reaction from many toward someone in the LGBTQ community.  These are the things we SHOULD be talking about. These are the courageous conversations we should be having. Whilst it may not be our preference, we should learn to accept that everyone has the right to choose and express themselves in the way that they feel comfortable to do so.  

I once had a friend who was almost always feeling suicidal because she was not “straight” and she was afraid to “come out” – the energy that it took for her to try to “hide” who she was, was devastating. Her sexual orientation is not something that her parents would have accepted and she was in a constant battle trying to live with herself.

She’s a sister, she is a leader, she is a person, she is an individual, she is capable of loving someone and to be loved, regardless of their gender but the pressure that society has put on her any many others, makes it feel impossible to live in a world where people are not “straight” and it’s almost impossible for people to fathom this feeling when they’re not close to someone in the situation – it’s always easier to pass judgement from the outside and often, without or very little knowledge of the situation or circumstances.

Online dating platforms are "their window to the world"

If you are a transsexual and you yearn to find love and romance to fulfill your natural needs, you could consider using online dating platforms. If you’re not quite sure which website to use, this information may be helpful.

Among numerous online dating platforms and applications, there are ones that you should avoid. Before leaving your personal information and details on any online platform, perform a background check of the dating platform. Before you register, be sure they’re legitimate. One of the warning signs is too much spam messages after the initial registration.

 Various dating platforms are trying to scam their members by collecting their personal information and selling these to unknown sources. Before you register to any online dating platform, you should be positive that the platform you’ve chosen is the legitimate online source. Scammers came up with numerous ways to steal your data; extra caution won’t hurt.

How to know if it's the right person

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Dating on the Internet, or online love quest is somewhat complicated. You can read through people’s profiles and get a glimpse of who they are and what they like. But that’s not nearly enough to know if they are complete relationship material, even though they may claim to be.

After you get to know each other better through the platform, you should decide if you still want to meet with this person face-to-face. After all, nothing can replace physical touch. On this link, read about the importance of a gentle touch.

People can portray themselves in the best light possible, but are they really what their online profile suggests? That’s something you’ll find out when you meet in person. Every lie will be revealed eventually. It can be risky; that’s why you need to talk with the potential love of your life as much as possible. For starters, that could be an excellent way to realize who you are dealing with.

Why is dating so important for transsexuals?

Transsexual people are, after all – people. Just because they look, act, and feel a bit different doesn’t mean they haven’t the same basic needs and emotions as everybody else does. Finding a partner for a romantic relationship that may turn into something even more exceptional is a dream we all share. There’s no reason why transsexuals shouldn’t meet the love of their life, even if it means they resort to online dating as an option.

Largely due to the discrimination and lack of knowledge and acceptance of LGBTQ by others in society, it makes it very difficult to meet that potential partner, which makes online dating so much more appealing. These online dating sites which cater for the LGBTQ community allow transsexual people and others to feel comfortable and to try and find a partner that shares similar interests and lifestyle preferences.

Finding a tranny partner through online dating sites is possible, but you never know who you can meet on the internet, same applies to any and all other internet dating. In the likelihood that you’re lucky enough to find a person that suits your standards, you should pursue it because that doesn’t happen very often. ‘Love on the first type’ is possible, but it’s sporadic.

Dating is something we’re all used to, and having a partner to share your heart with is sometimes more significant than we may realise, toward overall health. We all know the saying ‘love conquers all;’ ask someone from the LGBTQ community just how much more challenging this is for them. Without love, loneliness can make a person feel empty. 
There’s no shame in searching for eternal love, regardless of what your sexual orientation is, on the contrary – do it! Every single person deserves love, don’t allow anyone else to make you feel or think otherwise.

We are not here to judge others, let everyone be who they want to be.  Just because someone doesn’t have the same outlook on life or share the same preferences as you do, doesn’t mean that they are wrong or that you are right.


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