There are so many THINGS TO DO and PLACES TO SEE in South Africa. We have so many beautiful hidden gems.  I thought that it would be a good idea to share some of these, with the help of fellow bloggers in a few Guest Posts. Maybe you’ve been to some of these locations, maybe it’s on your list…either way, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. This post is about the 6 Most Underrated Travel Destinations in South Africa for Men.

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Over here at ManBlogBeast, we take travelling rather seriously. Whether it be travelling to the ocean, going into the bush, or going on a cruise liner, everyone, in my opinion, needs to travel throughout this wonderful experience, called life. There is no better place to start than your very own backyard.

South Africa is a wonderful, diverse country with many different cultural experiences, all combined in a place that is easily accessible. Today, I am going to explore the 6 Most Underrated Travel Destinations in South Africa for Men so no man feels left out (we all know the wife has the final say but my fellow man, your opinion does still count- trust me).

Saldanha Bay

First destination on my list is a town, a couple of hundred KMS from the very well-known Cape Town. Don’t let its size fool you. Saldanha bay has numerous activities available to the would be South African tourist- from Deep Sea fishing, Whale Watching, or Diving, you can do it all in Saldanha Bay.

Most avid bird watchers visit the area for its sheer diversification of wildlife. If you love your seafood then head over to the harbour, where you can buy some fresh catch (Doesn’t get any fresher than that), from the fishermen and have a well-deserved braai and beer.

The more adventurous individual can go Cage diving and come face to face with a great white or, charter a boat for the day and take the family on a deep-sea fishing trip. Saldanha Bay has also been voted as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world so, take a course, buy a Go-Pro, and see all the underwater magic.

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Similar to Saldanha bay in terms of conditions, culture and location (Same coast-line). Yzerfontein is often referred to as Cape Town’s younger brother but the younger sibling has now grown up and is fighting back. Yzerfontein is situated in the fynbos kingdom, right at the start of the west coast national where man and nature reside in perfect harmony.

Yzerfontein, also has some of the best Surf in South Africa which is frequented often, by the local, as well as the international Surfing community. If you are looking to learn to kite surf or are an avid Kiter already, there is no better place to learn or ply your trade. (it does get quite windy all year so if wind isn’t your thing then you might want to re-think).

The Scenic hiking trails situated in the park is a must see for the outdoorsman or bird watcher. The close-knit community that Yzerfontein has, ensures the whole family is welcome and because it a lesser known destination to Cape Town, the accommodation and general stay, will be kind on the pocket.

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St Lucia

Another coastal destination (I do love the ocean) but unlike the previous destinations, St Lucia has a completely different vibe. St Lucia is situated on the far East Kwazulu-Natal coastline, nearly bordering Mozambique. The reason I chose this quaint little town is, for one, I have had the privilege of visiting (best Pineapple I have ever tasted) and two, because it has free-roaming Hippos, which come into town to feed at night.

If you are looking for a party holiday then you won’t find it over there. By far the most relaxed and peaceful I have ever been on holiday, a day trip up lake St Lucia, to see all the fantastic wildlife on offer, is highly recommended.

The town itself is easy to get around on foot (just not at night, Hippos aren’t too fond of humans) and is very family friendly. Accommodation only set me back R2 000 for the 5 nights and being only 600kms from Johannesburg, the road trip is enjoyable and not overly long.

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Mossel Bay

Mossel bay has recently been voted as Kwela town of the year for 2017 so it does deserve a special mention. Another town which I have had the honour of visiting. Mossel bay is jammed packed with so many activities for the whole family and has two main beaches- Santos, which I stayed on and the more popular Diaz Strand. Both beaches have no surf at all so, are very child friendly and because of the very low crime, it is one of the safest places in South Africa.

The trip by car from JHB is 1200 KMS and takes 12 HRS, if you not up for the drive, one can fly into George and hire a car from there, where Mossel Bay is a mere 40 KMS away. The place gets rather vibey in December and gets fully booked so if crowds aren’t your thing, rather go around February, where you can have the beach and hotel to yourself.

When you go check out Funky Fast Foods in town for some of the best fast foods I have ever had (Trying the chicken is a must).

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For everyone who doesn’t know, Malelane is a farming town situated in Mpumalanga, about 50 KMS from the border of Mozambique. Game viewers, usually flock to Malelane to access The Kruger national park but a stay in town is not to be missed.

In the town itself, there are many Guest houses and lodges that cater to game viewers and for nearly half the price, staying in town is well worth it. Visiting the Kruger Park is the major draw to the town so if you don’t like driving, watching wild animals then the town wouldn’t be for you.

If you are like me and your Afrikaans is poor, you might want to touch up on it before you go. (you never know, your Afrikaans abilities might get you a free brandy and coke at the local bar).

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Natures Valley Tsitsikamma Forest

At this point, I think most people are somewhat perplexed at where I am talking about. Natures Valley however is a holiday resort and small fishing village at the foot of the Tsitsikamma mountain range in the Western Cape just after the notorious Bloukrans bridge.

The sheer diversity of the area makes nature valley a very- out of the ordinary- destination to visit. Make your way to Stormsriver which is a short 30 KMS away and a canopy tour of the Tsitsikamma forest can be done by the way of a zip line.

The braver tourist can do the bungee jump at Bloukrans bridge (I have done the jump myself once before and it was great!). If that’s not for you, you can tour the garden route national park or relax on the pristine beaches in Plettenberg Bay (Either way you will be in relaxation heaven).

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Are there any other lesser known destinations that you have been to and would recommend? Comment below or get in touch on my blog, I would love to hear from you.





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