I hate housework, I seriously do. I do love to have a clean house, but I can’t say I enjoy cleaning it myself! Yeah…I know…I’m just being brutally honest. I do get into moods sometimes though, where I de-clutter – and I love that, but it’s not the same as hard core cleaning. You’re going to need the Vertex Mop if you want to do any such cleaning…

This festive season, I was at home for a week after we spent some time on the East Coast. My dedicated and lovely helper and my mother-in-law, who is extremely hard working, were both also away. So naturally, I had to do the household chores…well let me not exaggerate and instead say, “some of it”.

My husband was sick for that week and taking care of a toddler who wants to walk around and climb on anything, makes you realise that being at home isn’t easy. I’ve got lots of respect for stay-at-home moms and those working moms who don’t have any help.


Allow me to share with you just what a blessing it was to receive the Vertex Mop to review in that week! I’ve tried a few of the other fancy mops but they don’t usually last long as they get too hard and brittle and don’t work anymore. My helper also preferred the traditional mops that you squeeze by hand. Now that’s typically one of the things that makes me hate housework.

Vertex Mop Review - PeanutGallery247


The mop arrived in a box, neatly packed with easy to assemble parts – just 3 of them, accompanied by very simple instructions.

Within a minute or two, the mop was assembled and the next step was to fill the bucket with water and then you were ready to mop away!


Most of our home has wooden floors and our entertainment lounge has tiles. I easily mopped through all surfaces, no mess, no fuss! The ergonomic design allows you to mop under furniture and other difficult to reach places very easily.

There were some dry stains on the floor which required additional water, so it was very easy to dip the mop back into the bucket and choose just how wet I wanted it to be.

It can also be used to clean windows – I’d love to tell you I cleaned our windows, but I’d be lying!

Furthermore, it can be used as a broom or a wet or dry mop!

If you wanna watch me mop…..mop……check out my YouTube video:


It’s so simple! You can order online and it usually takes between 2-4 days to be delivered to you.

Visit https://vertexmop.co.za/ for more information and/or to place your order.

Once your mop arrives, put on some good music and let your body Undulate to the rhythm of the music with the mop in your hand…have fun!

Any suggestions or improvements?

None for the mop itself, it was comfortable ergonomically.  Easy to carry around, when I initially looked at the size of the bucket, I assumed it was going to be heavy but not at all.

I would however include spares in your online shop – e.g.  the microfibre mop head- what do you do when the ones provided gets worn out?


As part of celebrating Peanut Gallery 247 turning 1 year this month, one lucky reader stands the chance to win a Vertex Mop (with 1 bottle of Liquid Soap), which I don’t think is a nice to have but a must have!

All you have to do is:

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  • Entries close at midnight on the 20th January 2018

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, as always, my honest opinions remain my own.


  1. really dislike ironing and mopping floors as it just never seems to end, and hate doing it in Summer when it is so hot….I’d rather be at the beach #VertexMop #PeanutGallery247Turns1

  2. VertexMop AND #PeanutGallery247Turns1

    I have a 18 month old toodler who is learning how to eat and drink on his own apart from putting it in his mouth half goes on the floor which drives me insane but hes my baby n my first born so i just got to wipe n wipe n wipe till bed time…..

  3. I hate the fact that you have to repeat, especially with a toddler in the house which means I have to clean ten times a day.
    Wish people would invent a self cleaning house by now.

  4. OK I am one of those people that will find the simple way out, I hate washing dishes so I saved and bought a dish washer, I hate hand-washing so I saved and bought a washing machine, I hate ironing clothes so the day a machine is out that does the ironing I am first in line, I don’t understand why I should put myself through cleaning when I can be doing my nails or shopping or just having fun with my kids, So yes you can imagine when it comes to cleaning floors or windows I am not first in line lol VertexMop #PeanutGallery247Turns1, shared on Twitter @denise_tf

  5. What I hate about housework – it just never ends!!!!!
    It seems that my floors stay clean for 30 minutes, oh and dishes, Im always washing dishes 🙂

    shared on twitter @JaxxLisa

  6. What I hate most is that it is never-ending and just when you are most tired something needs to be cleaned/fixed/washed arggg!

  7. Being a housewife with 3 boys n 3 dogs truly is a task on its own…the thing i hate the most has definitely got to be dirty floors….with 3 adventurous boys…my work is truly cut out for me…ooh esp on those rainy days….with all the mud n footprints….omg….😔

  8. I think the worst part of housework is that it’s never really done. Even when you have worked yourself into a stand still there’s always more washing dishes and dirty floors with a toddler. Would love to win this 🎉

  9. I really hate having dirty floors. It has such a major influence on the overall appearance of a room when the floors are dirty. We have white tiled kitchen floors, with 2 kids and 4 dogs and a swimming pool that all uses regularly. We have to wash the floor at least 4 times a day. The whole idea of mopping floors is just disgusting as a mop is really a filthy thing that cannot really be washed. Just rinsed. Are the floors even clean afterwards? I don’t think so. That’s what has me so excited about the vertex Mop and this giveaway. Would be a lovely add to my current household and it would surely make housework less painful.

  10. Well, housework is a very hard for a mom like me having 4 kids and toddler included, moping for me a big job having a big house it’s not easy and my kids loves going bare feet outside and go back inside with dirty feet so this would be a delight for me I don’t have to bend on my knees while cleaning the floor. Pls pls I would love to win
    #Peanutgalleryturns1 #Vertex

    P.S. I love your video and love reading your review of the product😍😍😍🎁🎂🎉🎊🎈

  11. What I hate most.. it’s a never ending saga.. a thankless job that gets overlooked by most.. I’m sure the kids think some fairies comes into our home and magically washes, irons and packs away lol. I’m not keen on most household chores like mopping and ironing, but one thing I avoid at all costs is hand washing. If the label says hand wash, I will not buy it haha

  12. Im a bit different, I love house work but unfortunately my skin is very sensitive to cleaning products, so it makes it difficult for me to do any cleaning, the Vertex Mop is definitely a game changer.

  13. Dishwashing ….is what I absolutely do not like doing, standing at the sink with a pile of crockery, cutlery to wash, and pots….my worst nightmare , wish there was disposable pots.
    My feet get sore, my back hurts and my poor gentle hands get so weary.
    If I could only afford a dishwasher sob sob sob.

    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you
    Liked and Shared on Facebook and Twitter

    1. Disposable pots…now I haven’t ever thought of that lol. I also don’t have a dishwasher but I can tell you from those I have seen, the dishes don’t always all come out clean. Good luck Anusha 🙂

  14. I don’t mind sweeping the house, wiping furniture and mopping floors but I definately don’t like Ironing as well

    1. I think someone needs to come up with a quick fix solution to eliminate ironing as so many dislike it lol

  15. I’ve got 3 kids…there’s lots not to love. The potty training 2yr old that wee’s on the floor 3 times a day. The 6yr old that throws apple cores just where he finished them. The 9yr old that doesnt realise her desk is not the kitchen sink. The 2yr old that throws toy boxes and stationery out. The dishes they make. The laundry. lol. It never ends!!

    1. Oh my gosh and I thought having 1 toddler is tiring. Are you a stay at home mom? We will soon start potting training too, I am not sure when we are supposed to start, my son is almost 18 months. Good luck 🙂

      1. No thankfully I am not a stay at home mom. lol.

        Good luck with potty training. They’re ready when they’re ready. He may very well be ready….my best tip is just don’t force is and give LOTS of praise when they even sit on the potty 🙂

        My eldest I started at 20m and she was potty trained totally day and night by 2. My middle son I only started the month he turned 2yr 1m and he was trained literally within 2 weeks. By 2yr 3m off night nappies.

        Youngest is now 2yrs 4m and urgh….he is giving his siblings a bad name! lol. He’s on his own mission, but I am hoping in the next month we’re at least off day nappies.

        1. Thank you for the insight, as I only have one child, it is so helpful to hear from other moms.

          I think we will try and start now…my mum in law has asked us to buy him a potty already and she is home with him in the day and she has done this before…so it’s gonna be even more interesting times ahead and this mop is certainly going to be most helpful at this stage!

    1. This is strangely one of the household chores that I DO enjoy…call me crazy, but I find it therapeutic!

  16. Mopping is back breaking for me and ironing is a no no. I avoid wringing my mop also so i usually delegate this job to my mum or sister while I act like I’ve got studying.

  17. I hate ironing and refuse to do it. It’s a thankless job and not for me #VertexMop #PeanutGallery247

    1. Most people I know, hate ironing the most from all the housework chores…I guess I”m that exception…I can’t say I do it very often though!

  18. Having cleaned the entire home, and then the kids big (hubby) & little spill on the floor and just as you sit down you look up and see another pile of dishes waiting to be washed! Oh the horror….#VertexMop AND #PeanutGallery247Turns1 – sharing on Twitter & FB

    1. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a dishwasher or not? I don’t find washing dishes too bad, what I do not like is unpacking the dry dishes…..!

  19. I hate all chores but I do them anyway because I am a neat nazi. When I can afford a maid we are getting one to come 2x a month because I hate cleaning so much.

    1. I think it’s easier to just get it done and then enjoy the pleasure of a neat and clean home 🙂

    1. Good luck, if you are the lucky winner, mopping floors will be so much easier and perhaps even enjoyable…with some great music 😉

    1. As I’ve commented on another comment on this thread, I think ironing is very popular on the list of dislikes…so you’re not alone…Good luck!

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