While the East Coast may have an extensive list of photogenic landscapes in the fall months, the West Coast prevails with year-round landscapes. If the West Coast sounds like a good idea for you, here is a list of the most photogenic landscapes. You will love these unique destinations.

In reality, the possibilities in the West Coast are endless. Narrowing them down to the five landscapes below was a hard task. From national parks to beaches, this list has everything to keep everyone in your family thoroughly entertained.

The Pacific Coast Highway

Formally known as the California State Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway is a must-include item in your travel itinerary for the ultimate West Coast road experience – whether on your own, with family or with friends. In fact, it is considered as the All-American road for the scenic views. However, be wary of sharp drop-offs and narrow shoulders, making the route a little tricky for over-sized vehicles and RV’s.

One thing that’s sure going to captivate you are the beautiful coastal views but make stops to enjoy numerous sightseeing and activity opportunities available. For instance, if you love seals, stop at the children’s pool for harbour seals lounging in the open. Stop by the historic Santa Monica Pier for the aquarium, carousel (as in featured image), beach or just people watching.

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The Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

This refuge is located at the southern end of the Puget Sound, between Fort Lewis and Olympia in Washington State. The Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is home to numerous animals, offering you a variety of trails for the hiker in you. While planning your trip, make sure you carry or rent a pair of binoculars so you never miss a moment – as well as some candy for your kids from a candy delivery service.

Hiking is the best opportunity to see different birds of prey, ducks, minks, otters, and even seals. Pause at the Twin Barnes Observation Platform with your kids for views of the Puget Sound. The highlight of this destination is the Puget Sound Viewing Platform for its 360-degree views.

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Beautiful Molokai

If you want more of a tropical destination, the West Coast has the remote Molokai, a remote Hawaiian island, to satisfy that travel bug. While a visit to this destination is not marked by the pomp and glamour you’d expect with other islands, it still offers an authentic Hawaiian experience.

The island is home to 8,000 residents and dotted with modest buildings, desolate beaches, and awesome natural beauty. A few activities you should consider taking part in include diving, hiking or even a round on the links. A couple of fishing boats are available to take you out so you can catch your own dinner – think fresh fish tacos!

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Mt. Baden-Powell

If you are more into land adventures, catch a fast charter flight to Los Angeles via Stratos Jets and drive to Mt. Baden-Powell. The mountain was renamed from North Baldy in 1931 in honor of the Boy Scout movement’s founder. The area offers visitors breathtaking views of the Los Angeles Basin, Mount Baldy, and the Mojave Desert.

The main Mt. Baden-Powell trail is well-maintained and runs from the Vincent Gap. During the hike, you will go through different ecological zones including Yellow Pine forest. If you are into a great hike with rewarding scenery and moderate difficulty, this is your peak!

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Abalone Cove Ecological Reserve

This reserve area offers you Sacred Cove, Abalone Cove, beautiful viewing areas, tide pools, and several crisscrossing trains. The 64-acre Abalone Cove Ecological Reserve is home to critical natural marine resources and forms the Portuguese Bend landslide bottom. The Sacred Cove is surrounded by the Portuguese and inspiration promontories.

If you’re driving into the area, be aware that there’s a parking fee. The parking area also features several picnic tables and restrooms.


Photography does require you to have a keen eye and some photography equipment. However, what if you just want to take awesome photos of nature at its best with a smartphone? Where can you visit on the West Coast for the perfect setting for your photos?

The list above of the most amazing West Coast landscapes is by no means complete. Nevertheless, it offers you a good starting ground for the adventure of a lifetime.

Are any of these places on your bucket list, or have you already been to any of them? If yes, I’d love if you share your tips/comments below…

Amazing West Coast Landscapes - Mojave Desert Joshua Tree - PeanutGallery247

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 Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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