via Daily Prompt: Luck

Those words I knew,
It was exactly how I felt,
The day you walked into my life.
It sounded cliche,
But you’re the reason I believe in love at first sight.

I didn’t want to say it,
Yet I knew I felt it.
I thought about it all the time,
I thought about whether you felt it too.

Then came that day,
I heard you say it.
You told me those words,
I longed to hear.
You told me you love me,
I knew that you did,
I felt it long before,
You said it out loud.

It feels like just yesterday,
When I got that shiver down my spine,
I remember so clearly,
The day you told me you love me.

Today I love you even more,
More than ever before.
Today I look back at the day I met you,
I didn’t understand it then,
But I know now well,
That God has a reason,
For making things happen,
Even if it’s not how we chose.

Thank you for loving me,
In the way that you do,
Your love gives me strength,
In ways only I can relate.

I’m so glad I met you,
I’m so glad for the love we share.
I’m so glad through it all,
I’ve got you babe.

I know it’s not just Luck,
Cos love takes effort.
But you being you,
Makes this seem effortless.

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