News24 launches The Sponsors of Brave campaign in partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC and gives you a chance to win R5 000!

When this Press Release below popped up in my mailbox, I just knew that I had to share it. Why? You may ask… Well, it’s simple: When social media and the news is so dominating with sad or negative stories more often than not, it’s a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to read something positive every now and then.

It’s become a negative behavioural trait to spread bad news and it’s actually quite sad in my opinion, that when something good or great happens, that such stories don’t trend. However, here’s an opportunity with an incentive to spread good news!

I am so in awe of this initiative in this Press Release below…and did I mention that you can stand a chance to win R5000.00 by participating to nominate a healthcare provider who is extraordinary?

There really are so many unsung heroes and this is our chance to sing their praise. Let’s nominate them and tell everyone else why they’re so awesome! What makes them extra special? What have they done or achieved to make you want to nominate them? Let’s spread some good cheer in the spirit of being appreciative, where we all strive toward uplifting our communities and our country, with positive vibes! Let’s recognise our Brave Heroes!

News24 in partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC is spearheading a campaign looking for the ordinary South African healthcare providers including  pharmacists, nurses and doctors doing extraordinary work in their communities. The campaign aims to celebrate these unsung heroes of brave, professionals who walk the extra mile attending to the medical and healthcare needs in their communities making a real impact.

The Sponsors of Brave is calling on all South Africans to nominate their local pharmacists, nurses or doctors so that their stories can be told. News24 readers are encouraged to go to to submit their nomination and to stand a chance to win R5,000. The Sponsors of Brave campaign will feature 12 phenomenal stories on the heroes of healthcare.

Guest judges for the campaign include Health24 Editor Bevan Lakay, Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts, Expresso presenter Jeannie D and Managing Editor for’s Brand Studio, Andrea Firth. One primary healthcare worker will win an educational grant to attend an international medical conference, as well as R25,000 towards their chosen charity.

“At a time when South Africans are yearning for stories on real people making a real difference in their communities, this is the perfect platform to inspire and celebrate these unsung heroes” says Bevan Lakay, Editor of Health24.

“If bravery was a sport, South Africans have an opportunity of being World Champions through the vast number of primary healthcare workers in this country making a real difference. This campaign provides a platform to honour these brave heroes”, says Sudier Ramparsad, MD of Adcock Ingram OTC Division.

Andrea Firth, Managing Editor of Brand Studio at adds “We are extremely excited about this campaign, as South Africa’s leading digital news brand we have the opportunity and the reach to share these often untold stories of extraordinary kindness”.

For more information on how to nominate your local community pharmacist, nurse or healthcare worker go to

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