Sometimes my mouth or mind doesn’t have filters and being a blogger, it isn’t necessarily a good thing, because you get so tempted to say what you see or feel – well, I do anyway.  What I’m going to say now, comes from a good place and with all due respect.  I guess you could say in a way, this is me thinking out loud! So be warned as I am going to be judgemental. Here goes…why is it that you look at someone and think, “she didn’t get any?” Have you ever felt that about anyone?

I recently spent a few hours at my local salon doing my hair and nails. Whilst I was there, another patron walked in. I noticed the whispers from the staff and the body language changed – it was not a warm welcome.

After an hour of being in her midst, I understood the reaction from the staff. They feared her. She was extremely unfriendly, stubborn, non-responsive and had that look on her face that appeared as a superiority complex to me. Some people enter a room and you feel so excited by their presence! With her, there was an evident sigh of relief when she left.  Quite honestly, she looked to me as if she was sexually frustrated.

Turn on the Heat and win with Contempo Rough Rider - PeanutGallery247

This reminded me of a few people that I used to work with, they used to come to work having that same look and I used to wish that they got some! Seriously, when they did, they came bouncing into the office, which was such a pleasant feeling opposed to that frustrated look. Even I got excited for them!

Guys and girls, sexual frustration is a real thing! Not only is it a real thing but also a serious thing! If you’ve been or are sexually active and on the days that you don’t get some…I’m sure you will agree that you feel frustrated, even without realising it. Then when it happens…crash…. boom….bang! You feel alive again! It can be seen on your face and you walk with a spring in your step! You have a sigh (or many more) of relief and you wonder why you didn’t do that sooner, right?

Housework. Day job. Working after hours. Stress at the office. Raising kids stress. Cold weather. Financial stress. Weight gain. Low self-esteem. I could go on…these are just some of the things that get in the way and distract us from that much needed physical bonding time.

Turn on the Heat and win with Contempo Rough Rider - PeanutGallery247

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you will know that I am a huge fan of the Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman. You’re probably also tired of me referring to it…and I can’t at all promise that I’m not going to refer to it again.

One of the love languages is “Physical touch” – some people respond more to physical touch and as a result, they have a deep desire to express themselves by being intimate with each other. Whilst you may love a gift, they will love the physical touch more – if their love language is physical touch.

It is therefore important that this area of your life doesn’t take a back seat.  Being married or having children isn’t an excuse as to why you don’t do it as often as you used to. IF this is the case, something needs to change because chances are that either you or your partner or both of you are sexually frustrated!

No one likes to or wants to admit that; but we are human beings and as such we have desires, sexual desires. If these desires are not met, we feel, we become, and we look frustrated. This frustration can even cause us to be impatient, moody and all sorts of negative things. It can eat you up on the inside. It can make you bitter, to the point you feel oppressed. Relationships and marriages end because of a lack of intimacy/physical touch.

Don’t become that sexually frustrated parent who takes their frustration out on their kids. Don’t also become that frustrated colleague that no one enjoys having around in the office. Don’t also be that frustrated customer that makes everyone else feel miserable. I know this almost sounds like a joke, but I am not joking and if you are reading this and going through this, you are probably in tears because you know this reality. You CAN change that.

Whether it’s because you’re experiencing load shedding in terms of electricity or whether it’s because you’ve got to shed the load off your shoulders to ignite that spark to cause that electric feeling between each other…I’ve got a load shedding kit to help you out!

Turn on the Heat and win with Contempo Rough Rider - PeanutGallery247


That’s right, I’ve partnered with Contempo® Rough Rider® and am giving 10 readers the chance to win 1 of 10 Contempo® Rough Rider® Load Shedding Kits which contains the following tantalising treats:

By the way, I am in no way saying that this is only for those experiencing sexual frustration…of course not……! For those of you who just want, enjoy and prefer body heat…this kit will be put to great use by you too.

Turn on the Heat and win with Contempo Rough Rider - PeanutGallery247

  • Two boxes of three Contempo® Rough Rider® condoms, studded for extra sensation, helping you feel your way in the dark
  • A Mini Vibrator – nothing like a little vibration and friction to cause a spark at night, and a great handbag accessory for the ladies
  • A Sensual Soy Massage Candle – A fragrant natural soy candle made with EcoSoy® certified wax. Light it and use the warm oil for a sensual massage
  • A Contempo® Card Game. Ever been too shy to ask your partner to try something new? Play your cards right for a safe, fun way to explore both your wilder sides (Dice and instructions included)

“Our carefully-selected treats will turn you and your partner on when the candles are lit and dare you both to share and explore each other’s fantasies and desires,” says Dana Leibovitz, Shopper Marketing Manager at ACDOCO.

“This limited-edition Load Shedding Kit was developed to allow consumers to push the boundaries in their relationship and have a little fun,” says Leibovitz. “Nothing adds a little spark like some fun in the dark!”

The innovatively designed kit includes elements that can be used all together, or separately for a variety of stimulating nights in. The beauty of the kit is that it allows you and your partner to explore in a way you want to. The unique card game designed by a renowned South African sexologist provides prompts to explore and ideas to tease, tantalise and satisfy your partner in new ways.

The cards, coded with a multitude of actions; Do, Dare, Fantasy, Tell and Toy will ensure that you and your partner make the most of the darkness.

Contempo® Rough Rider®’s Load Shedding Kit is valued at over R 400 and you could win 1 of 10 Loadshedding Kits by entering this competition.

All you have to do to is one of the following to stand a chance to win 1 of 10 of these kits:

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  • Competition ends at midnight on 10th August 2018
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