It’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts. If you have a child that is 4 years or older, then this is definitely something to consider to add to the list if he/she has been a good little girl or boy and has been a fan of Season 1 of Yo-Kai Watch.  Yo-kai Watch stimulates the imagination and prepares children for real life situations.  Here’s more food for thought and also the opportunity for you to win a Yo-Kai Watch (Season 2)…details below.

Join the Exciting Adventures of Nate and His Mischievous Yo-Kai Friends with Yo-Kai Watch

Ever wondered who made a mess of the room or hid your things? Whenever there is something strange or inexplicable around it’s usually the work of invisible Yo-kai who are everywhere causing all kind of rascally havoc wherever they go.

Nate is just an average kid struggling to do well at school. One day he receives a Yo-Kai Watch, which allows him to see and communicate with hidden Yo-kai all over the world.

With the Yo-kai watch on his wrist Nate starts to form friendships with the Yo-kai, like Whisper, Jibanyan and Komosan, who give him Medals allowing him to summon them whenever they are needed. Together they help solve life’s everyday problems, which teaches Nate some life lessons along the way.

Catch Yo-kai Watch Season 2 on Cartoon Network, channel 301 on DStv and enjoy the antics of Nate and his naughty Yo-kai friends as they embark on exciting adventures.

The Yo-kai Medals unlock a magical world providing kids with access to a fantasy experience that Hasbro is building across toys, games and digital. In the world of Yo-kai watch, every Yo-Kai belongs to one of eight different tribes each with its own characteristics, unique song and strengths.

There are over 350 characters, each with its own Yo-kai Medal (ranked from high to low based on its availability).

Join the fun with Yo-kai Watch, Medals and accessories – available from Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Lilliputs and other major retailers. You can also shop online for Yo-kai Watch products at

YoKai Watch Season 2_life

There are four ways to engage with every Yo-kai character via its Medal:

  1. Summon a particular Yo-kai by inserting one of the collectible Medals displaying this Yo-kai character into the Yo-kai Watch toy to hear the character’s name, tribe song and other sounds.
  2. Discover the wacky world of the Yo-kai by scanning the Medal with the Yo-kai Watch Land app (available as a free download on Android and iOS).
  3. Collect and store your collection of Yo-kai Medals in the Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book for safekeeping or to later swop with friends.
  4. Scan the Medals for the Yo-kai Watch game for Nintendo 3DS (sold separately) for more fun and games.


The Yo-kai Watch Model Zero matches the one worn by Nate in Season 2 of Yo-kai Watch, and features Yo-Motion Technology. When one of the Yo-Motion Yo-kai Medals is inserted, the watch projects an animation of the Yo-kai pictured on the Medal onto a nearby surface (watch and Medals each sold separately).

The Yo-kai Watch Medallium Collection Book comes in different versions each representing the book that appears in subsequent seasons of the animated series. Collect, organize, and store your Yo-kai Medals like Nate does in the cartoon version and build up a collection to swap with friends.

Each book comes with exclusive Medals, storage pages, tribe pages and more. Additional Yo-kai Watch Medallium Collection Book accessories offer additional storage pages and character bios to learn more about the Yo-kai in each planned series of Medals and help organize your collection.

Engage further with the Yo-kai characters through a range of different Yo-kai Watch figures:

  • Bring home the hilarious personality of the characters from the animated series with the Yo-kai Medal Moments figures. Each figure includes a Yo-kai Medal (season 2 figures include a Yo-Motion Yo-kai Medal) and holds the Medal in a signature pose that displays their personality (figures each sold separately).
  • Collect and connect cool, clippable plush versions of popular Yo-kai characters. These 4-inch characters clip onto a backpack or snap together so you can stack them, show them off, and take them wherever you go (each sold separately).
  • Larger plush versions of popular Yo-kai characters make perfect pals because they’re so soft and squishy, perfect to cuddle on your everyday adventure. 16-Inch plush Jibanyan and Whisper characters also available.

For more information on Yo-kai Watch visit or follow Yo-kai Watch Official on Facebook.

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To stand a chance to win a Yo-Kai Watch (Season 2), simply:

1. Answer this question by commenting below; On which DSTV channel can you watch Yo-Kai Watch Season 2? and

2.  Share this post (links below) on any social media platform and mention/tag Peanut Gallery 24/7 – use the hashtag #PeanutGallery247 (shares must be public)

T’s and C’s

  • Competition ends at midnight on 27th October 2017
  • Competition is open to South African residents only
  • Prize is not exchangeable for cash nor transferable

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  1. Thank u for this awesome idea and giveaway…
    Yo-kai is shown on cartoon networks disney channel 301 on Dstv…😙

  2. Thanks to your article on Yo-Kai products. It is a reminder on getting Xmas gifts organized in due time and not the last minute stress like last year.

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