Wind River Exclusive Pre-view Screening

The Girls and I were treated to a very exclusive preview of Wind River earlier this week, by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment at their private theatre. Wind River releases officially on 3rd November 2017 on South African screens. So before the movie, what do girls do when they get together? Well, take some selfies of course!

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Before I get into the movie, let me just get this over with. I have to say, that I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about Jeremy Renner that I find appealing! Maybe it’s his somewhat rugged look…I don’t know. Do you? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Jeremy Renner Movies

Some of his movies include and not limited to are;

  • The Avengers
  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • And he’ll grace our screens with his presence in 2018 in The Avengers: Infinity War
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • The Bourne Legacy
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Patrol
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Okay…this list goes on, you can google the rest.

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Now let me get back to the movie itself…

The movie is set in Wind River, which is a native American reservation in Wyoming, where Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) is a local game tracker. I think it’s safe to classify this movie as a Noir and like many others, the plot begins with a young woman in trouble…in this case dead. Tension right from the start…I am hooked already!

Her dead body lying in the pristine white blankets of snow, was discovered by Lambert. At this point, it was evident that there was some connection, but not yet revealed!  What was it? Did he know her? 

Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen), an FBI agent from Las Vegas was tasked to investigate the case.  

Highly impressed with the observations made by Lambert at the murder scene, Banner asks him to help her on this case. As they work on the evidence together, Lambert soon opens up about his loss and this is the first time that the audience can make the connection as to why the death of this girl, Natalie Hanson (Kelsey Asbille) feels so close to home. I am glad that the overused trope of the two principle characters becoming intimate is subverted.

Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan aptly succeeded in emphasizing the vulnerability of a woman in love, a woman being raped and at the same time, we also recognised the strength of woman who was called to uphold the law.

We are taken back to the scene of what transpired before her death. This scene was brutal, but necessary and thought provoking. I think whether you were male or female, watching this happen to any woman or child, would stir up some anger within…a lot.

Sexual Harrassment Awareness – #MeToo

The world has recently seen the effect of the hastag #MeToo – which was sparked by the Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano, who asked her followers to use it, if they had ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. On Facebook, around 7 million people were discussing the hashtag.

This is only the tip of the iceberg…and an alarming indication of the number of women who have suffered rape or similar. There are of course, many who don’t have access to social media and then there are those who are silent and too afraid to say anything.  The thought of this is absolutely terrifying!

This particular scene was gut-wrenching, but this type of violence and brutality is very real to many people and not a Hollywood creation.  As brutal as it is, it serves a definite purpose and it is fully justifiable.  

It was too little too late for her. It isn’t too late for us. We need to create more awareness about sexual harassment of any sort.

If the #MeToo hashtag has taught us anything, then it has to be that sexual harassment has become far too prevalent in modern society and that we need to act on it at all levels! Whether it is basic education for young girls, harsher punishment for offenders, more accessible channels/mediums for victims to report such incidents, every endeavour helps.  Hollywood incidents have gotten the media courage and has been sensationalized to a large degree.  Maybe that will help and protect new and upcoming actors/actresses, so the #MeToo has had a positive impact, but that’s only a start and we have a long way to go! 

I do think that Jeremy Renner played this role fantastically, it was a different role to that of which I’ve seen him in before, I think his character was impeccably cast.

Are you going to watch Wind River? I’d love to know why or why not and if you do, your thoughts about the movie…


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  1. Lovely selfies Ladies👍🏼. Interesting movie with an issue that many women have been confronted with at sometime or the other in their lives. It is high time to put an end to it.

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