Welcome to the world of WordPress! You’re about to unlock a powerful platform that will help you share your ideas, showcase your passion, or build your brand. WordPress is the perfect tool for beginners and experienced bloggers alike, with millions of users worldwide. Ever wondered where to start to create your own WordPress Blog? Keep reading and find out just how easy it is. There is a lot to learn, and this is the reason I have split these posts in the form of a series, in an attempt to share information without overloading it all in one two posts. On that note, let’s begin with some basics and some definitions in this post.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage digital content. It’s free, open-source, and highly customisable. With WordPress, you can create a blog, website, or even an online store. While there are alternatives to WordPress, such as Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace, I prefer WordPress due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface. As I’ll be sharing my experience with WordPress, I’ll focus on this platform throughout this series.

Why Blog?

Blogging is an excellent way to:

  • Share your expertise and showcase your skills
  • Build your personal brand or business
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and communities
  • Express yourself creatively and share your passions
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche

Choosing a Niche for your WordPress Blog

A niche is a specific topic or area of interest. It’s essential to choose a niche you’re passionate about, as it will make your blogging journey more enjoyable and sustainable. Take some time to brainstorm and explore your interests. Ask yourself:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I want to share with the world?
  • What problems do I want to solve?
WordPress Blog:  Peanut Gallery 247

A blog is like a diary or journal where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others.

  • Imagine you have a notebook where you write down your thoughts, feelings, and adventures.
  • A blog is like an online version of that notebook, where you can share your writing with others.
  • Just as you might write in your notebook regularly, a blogger writes new posts (like articles or entries) on their blog.
  • People can then visit your blog to read your posts, leave comments, and connect with you.

Here’s an example:

WordPress is like a toolset that helps you build and manage your online notebook (blog).

  • Imagine you want to build a house (your blog). You need tools like a hammer, nails, and wood to construct it.
  • WordPress is like a collection of those tools, specifically designed for building and managing blogs.
  • With WordPress, you can create and organise your blog posts, customise the design, and add features like photos and videos.
  • Just as you use tools to build and maintain your physical house, WordPress helps you build and manage your online blog.

Here’s an example:

  • Your House www.peanutgallery247.com
  • Tools (Features): Posts, pages, themes, plugins, and more that help you customize and grow your blog
  • Toolset (WordPress): The software that helps you build and manage your blog

When we say that a website or blog is “hosted”, it means that it’s stored on a special computer called a server. Think of it like renting an apartment for your website.

  • Imagine your website, www.peanutgallery247.com is like a physical house.
  • The server is like the apartment building where your house is located, which in this case is SiteGround (www.siteground.com).
  • Just as you need a place to live, your website needs a place to “live” on the internet.
  • When you rent an apartment (or hosting), you get a specific address (like a street address) where people can find your house (or website).

A domain is like a street address for your website or blog. Just as a street address helps people find your physical location, a domain helps people find your website online. For example, if your street address is 123 Main Street, your domain might be www.123mainstreet.co.za.

This domain is like an address that tells the internet where to find your website. When someone types in your domain (or URL – Uniform Resource Locator), it’s like they’re putting your street address into their GPS – it helps them navigate to your website.

Here’s an example:

  • Street Address: 123 Main Street
  • Domain/URL: www.123mainstreet.com

A free domain is like a free address for your website.

  • Imagine you’re living in a dorm room (free housing).
  • The dorm room has an address (like 123 Main St), but you don’t own the building.
  • A free domain is like that address – it’s free, but you don’t fully own it.
  • I initially began my blogging journey with a free domain: www.peanutgallery247.wordpress.com

A paid domain is like owning your own house (and address).

  • Imagine you buy a house (your own property).
  • You own the house and the address (like 123 Main St).
  • A paid domain is like that – you own the address like I do: www.peanutgallery247.com and I have full control.

Think of it like this…

WordPress Blog:  Peanut Gallery 247

Getting Started with a Free WordPress Blog

Starting a free WordPress blog is an excellent way to begin your blogging journey. Your domain will have a wordpress.com extension, example: www.myonlineinsights.wordpress.com. (This isn’t an actual domain, just an example for the purpose of this blogpost.)

While this is a great starting point, you can always upgrade to a hosted domain later, examples such as and not limited to, provided they are available: www.myonlineinsights.com or www.myonlineinsights.co.za, etc. In my next post, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up your free WordPress blog.

You’ve taken the first step towards unlocking the world of WordPress! I am truly excited to help you on this journey. Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll show you how to set up your free WordPress blog: Setting Up Your Free WordPress Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

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