For your little ones, this summer, bath time is going to be fun, fun, fun! Zimpli Kids products are making an entry into the South African market.

These products stimulate sensory play and the sense of imagination, where children can pretend to be playing in make-believe scenarios of their choice; Slimy Monsters, or under the ocean gooey fun or even fun in the sun in a swamp if that’s what they fancy.

Gelli Baff turns water into a bright and colourful goo for some very gooey adventures during bathtime or playtime.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff - PeanutGallery247

Slime Baff as you may have guessed, transforms water into slime. If you have a child who loves playing with the slime that comes in little packs, can you imagine what their reaction of having a bath tub filled with slime would be!

Zimpli Kids Slime Baff - PeanutGallery247

SnoBall Battle Pack! Simply add the SnoBall powder to water and watch it transform into realistic snow

The lovely people at Zimpli Kids sent me some products a few weeks ago to test. I was so looking forward to it, it looked like so much of fun from the videos I watched online!

Sadly, when I received it, I noticed then that it was for ages 3 and up which meant that I would not use it for Kayden as he is just over 15 months.

If Kayden can’t enjoy a Gelli or Slime Baff,  what does mommy do?

I couldn’t let these awesome products go to waste! So guess what I did?

Hahahaa…I like the way you think but even if I did decide to indulge in a gooey or slimy bath, I ain’t sharing that here.

I handed the products to one of my colleagues who has two adorable daughters, for them to enjoy and they did! Yes, I do have proof that I did indeed hand it over…

Have a look at the video below of Rylan and Kenzi enjoying the Gelli Baff: They said it looked like pink glitter and if you have daughters, you’d know how much they love glitter!  Mommy Robyn tells me that she gives it a thumbs up. She commented that the instructions were easy to follow and it was also easy and safe to dispose of, as it turned back into water and could be drained away.

It’s doesn’t have to be limited to bathtime fun…

She also said that she thinks it would be nice to use outside in the garden in one of those outdoor clam pools. I didn’t even think of that, but I think that’s a great idea!  I think if you’re having a kids party this summer and you want to try something different, then maybe get a few of these outdoor clam pools or inflatable pools. Your kids and their friends are going to think that’s the best party ever!

Of course, you don’t need a party for them to have such fun…you don’t even need a bath tub or a clam pool, you could use a bucket for the kids to have some fun with these products.

Don’t stress about these products causing any stains, they don’t! They are stain free and environmentally friendly and last but not least, they are non toxic.

Zimpli Kids best selling products Gelli Baff and Slime Baff, have over 2.5 BILLION views on YouTube and are popular worldwide.

One lucky reader stands the chance to win a Zimpli Kids hamper which consists of:

1 x Gelli Baff, 1 x Slime Baff and 1 x SnoBall Battle pack

To enter, all you have to do is comment below why you’d like to win this.

To increase your chances to win, share this post on social media (links below), using the following hashtag and/or mention Peanut Gallery 24/7. (posts must be public):


T’s and C’s

  • This competition is open to residents of South Africa only
  • Prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash
  • Competition ends at midnight on 17th November 2017


23 Replies to “Zimpli Kids Hamper Giveaway”

  1. reasons why my little man needs this ….
    Gelli Baff, because jelli is delicous
    Slime Baff because slime is like bookers and my kid is infatuated by them
    SnoBall Battle pack we have never seen snow before
    thank you enjoy your day

  2. this looks like an absolute blast .bath time will never be the same again .i would love to spoil my big boy with this he will go nuts 🙂

  3. My kids would really enjoy this! They love playing in the bath, and this looks like so much fun!

  4. What a dream goveaway

    We’d never have trouble getting the little ones into the bath again thanks

  5. Would love to win this for my oldest son, my 19 month son would also love but he would try to eat it.
    My oldest son loves all things messy.

    1. I want to win this because I saw this on YouTube and I thought it looks cool and I try to find it in the country I live in but it’s not there they don’t sell these in my country and when I realized I was really sad because I ask somebody who works at the store and they said they do not because I ask somebody who works at the store and they said they do not sell these items in Jamaica so can I win it 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  6. My daughter has been obsessed with these ever since she’s seen a few reviews on YouTube. It would be great if I could win this for her.

  7. My daughter will just love me if I allow her to bath in some slime 😉 She will then beg me to bath in the future.

  8. This is ZIMPLI Marvelous, Bathtime should be fun and its such a great time to bond with our Big Man .He loves splashing in the water and this will make me the best mom on the block.

  9. My Little man loves bath time fun he would absolutely love this .He usually brings all his fish to bath time but he will absolutely be thrilled to be in the gelli belly oogly boogly mess , Kay- Leb will love this so much he will definitely play with it in the pool this will bring so much joy to him.The Snoball battle pack will be great during the festive season .This Is truly some clean Fun
    Thank you Enjoy your day

  10. This is a absolutely fun giveaway will be a pleasure and delight to win for little Amaani , it sure will make bathtime exciting and fun for her.
    Thank you for a interesting review it was a pleasure to read and to share as well.

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